Marcello Cirillo, terrible accident in Rome: “I’m alive by a miracle”

Terrible road accident for the singer and musician Marcellus Cyrilinvolved in an accident while aboard his Smart.

The artist spoke about it on Twitterconsidering himself lucky to have emerged almost unscathed from the accident that took place on Wednesday afternoon in North Romein Zone Grottarossa.

I want to thank those angels who were on the Cassia bis (Rome) around 3.00 pm and pulled me out of my Smart after being hit by a truck and dragged for 200 meters to then overturn me on the other side of the road. I’d like to meet and personally thank the guys who helped me. If you see this message please email me. One was called Chiara.”

These are the words of the artist, known for his many years of participation in Your Facts.

Marcello Cirillo, terrible accident on the Cassia

As learned from police sources, the road accident occurred on 15 March shortly before 3.00 pm on the via Cassia Veientanaa few hundred meters before theSant’Andrea Hospital.

A collision between an Iveco van and the Smart driven by Marcellus Cyril, with the city car tipping over on its side following the impact. Once the scientific findings have been carried out, they will be the agents of the XV Cassia group from the Local police Of Rome capital city to reconstruct the dynamics.

But… all’s well that ends well!

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