Red Bull, Verstappen out in qualifying: “Accidents happen”

Red Bull, Verstappen out in qualifying: “Accidents happen”
Red Bull, Verstappen out in qualifying: “Accidents happen”

JEDDA – The axle shaft in the rear right broke; sThere are accidents that can happen. If I can rebuild the race from that position? I don’t know, but I have a good car, fast and which undoubtedly makes me believe I can finish in the points. It will be important to stay out of troublethen we will see what the position will be the final”. He is visibly embittered Max Verstappen to the microphones of Sky Sports in commenting on what happened in the Saudi Arabia GP qualifyingin which his Red Bull suffered a problem with the axle shaft that stopped him before he could even set a useful time: the reigning world champion will therefore start 15th.

Horner’s comment

Also on the microphones of the satellite broadcaster, the team principal of Red Bull Christian Horner had his say on what happened: “We have to dig deeper to understand this issue of Max, but we are not worried. Tomorrow we have to keep ourselves out of trouble, because it will be a race of action and possible accidents. It will also be a great opportunity for Perez. In short, there will be two different races for us. Starting fifteenth is a big shame, it’s frustrating, a fantastic car for the whole weekend, let’s see how it will run tomorrow”.

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