That’s why Trump thinks he’s arrested on Tuesday

That’s why Trump thinks he’s arrested on Tuesday
That’s why Trump thinks he’s arrested on Tuesday

“Illegal leaks from the corrupt Manhattan attorney’s office indicate that the former US president will be arrested on Tuesday next week. Let’s demonstrate, let’s take back the country”. Donald Trump says it on his social Truth. Arrest that, according to the former White House tenant, could take place “without any crime being proven”. Let’s delve into what it is.

Here’s what Donald Trump could be arrested for

Trump spoke of ‘dead American dream’. “The anarchists of the radical left stole the election and stole the heart of our country. Crime and inflation are destroying our way of life.”

A few hours after this social statement, Trump’s lawyer, Joe Takopina, declared that the former president “would hand himself over to the authorities without any problem if he were accused”. The possible indictment of the top national official is linked to the investigation into the payment of $ 130,000 to former porn star Stormy Daniels, which she allegedly paid to keep a past relationship hidden.

“Here we go again. A scandalous abuse of power by a radical attorney’s office that lets violent criminals go free and instead pursues a political vendetta against Donald Trump”. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy tweeted itwhich has announced it will ask the “appropriate” parliamentary committees to investigate immediately “if federal funds are used to obstruct elections and destroy our democracy through politically motivated persecution.”

Trump’s post and his entourage

Trump’s post, which refers to his phone call before the January 6, 2021 attack on Capitol Hill, took the former president’s aides by surprise, writes the Washington Post. For days, the former president’s advisers and lawyers have been predicting he would be indicted, but Trump spokesman Stephen Chan said this morning that no formal notice had been received and the tycoon’s supporters had been asked to attend a rally in Texas next week.

Susan Nettles, one of Trump’s lawyers, said yesterday that may have been tipped off about Tuesday’s alleged arrest by the media as news emerged that law enforcement would meet next week to discuss safety in case the former president is indicted. Even Secret Service agents, responsible for the security of all former presidents, looked surprised.

Their expectation is that the attorney general’s office intends to negotiate with Trump’s lawyers the terms under which the former president can voluntarily appear if indicted. In that case, the secret services will be informed immediately. However, there has been no notification so far, according to sources familiar with the matter.

The reactions: Medvev and Musk

The possible indictment of Trump is an unprecedented event. The former president is under investigation for handling confidential documents, the January 6 raid and paying a former porn star $130,000 to keep quiet about an alleged affair during the 2016 election campaign.

“Take back your country, Americans! Fight! Destroy the tyranny of Washington! Send the clique of corrupt lunatics – Biden’s father and son – to the stinking dustbin of history. The former Russian president said this afternoon on Telegram Dmitry Medvedevcommenting on the news of Donald Trump’s alleged arrest scheduled for Tuesday, March 21.

If Donald Trump is arrested, “he will be re-elected by an overwhelming margin”. This is what the CEO of Twitter said Elon Musk in a reply tweet to a user who posted the news, which was later retweeted by Fox News.

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“Joe Biden’s Justice Department is working with Democrats in the New York Attorney General’s office to arrest Donald Trump on false and outdated charges,” he tweeted Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican congresswoman who allied with the former president, who said this “is done to destroy his political enemies in the Communist bloc. It happened now,” she said.

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