Here is the prosecutor challenging Donald Trump

Here is the prosecutor challenging Donald Trump
Here is the prosecutor challenging Donald Trump

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Here is the prosecutor challenging Donald Trump

Bragg was born in Harlem and raised in New York, the city that also belongs to the former president

NEW YORK – Harvard graduate and Manhattan’s first African-American attorney. Alvin Bragg is the man who challenges Donald Trump, the one who could charge him with paying porn star Stormy Daniels $ 130,000 in exchange for her silence about their relationship.

Elected in 2021, Bragg was born in Harlem and raised in New York, the city that also belongs to the former president. Throughout his career he has dealt with leading cases. In 2014, he represented the mother of Eric Garner, the African American killed by police, against the New York Police Department. In addition to having been responsible for overseeing the case of Harvey Weinstein, the former king of Hollywood overwhelmed by allegations of harassment.

Bragg has replaced Cyrus Vance as chairman of the Manhattan prosecutor’s office. He was chosen for the role of prosecutor at the end of an electoral campaign based on the need to make the police forces more accountable for their actions.

A personal battle for him since, he has said several times, when he was only 15 years old an agent put a gun to his head. An episode that conditioned all of his choices, prompting him to study jurisprudence and to become a lawyer for the defense of civil rights.

As a Manhattan prosecutor, he created a ‘Special Victims Division’ dedicated to sexual offenses and domestic violence and strengthened the ‘Hate Crimes Unit’ in an effort to restore confidence in law enforcement.

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