What they don’t tell you about Schlein, eh no dear Nardella and Trump: so, today…

What they don’t tell you about Schlein, eh no dear Nardella and Trump: so, today…
What they don’t tell you about Schlein, eh no dear Nardella and Trump: so, today…

– It’s one of those days that you would have done well to spend in the garden, or in the vegetable garden, without spending too much time following the news because – objectively – practically nothing happened.

– The only real succulent news he provides us Donald Trump in one of his daily shoots. The former president of the United States of America claims that the Manhattan prosecutor’s office would like to arrest him on Tuesday for that story of the alleged payment of an ex pornstars. The young lady would have received money to keep silent about the relationship with the tycoon. Although you didn’t quite understand what the crime would be, the problem here is that The Donald today called on his supporters to demonstrate against this injustice and “take back the country”. Let’s hope that guy who dressed in horns on the day of the assault on Capitol Hill didn’t hear it. The carnival is now over.

– Actually the funniest thing concerns that poor Christ – so to speak – of Ron DeSantis. The governor of Florida now finds himself in a slightly embarrassing situation: to allow the New York judge to handcuff The Donald in Mar a Lago, his approval is needed. Ron obviously would gladly see Donald in legal trouble so as to exclude him from the Republican primary race, but on the other hand he would risk antagonizing the slice of Trumpian voters without whom winning against Biden would be practically impossible. Poraccio.

– One hundred exhibitors and wine producers organize a gala dinner near Venice and in launching the event require a dress code. For the man, elegant suit, and it fits. The same is true for women, but with the addition of a “7cm upwards” heel. Obviously, right away, the respectable ones were enraged by the male chauvinism of this cabbage. palatal papal. A private club organizes the event it likes and asks for the attire it prefers. Those who don’t want to wear 7cm heels, or don’t have any, can safely stay at home in flat slippers. Sexism has nothing to do with it, which is why the dress code and there has always been a full house. Including this year. Dear organizers please: do not give in to the blackmail of public indignation.

– They run a lot of surveys on the Pd of Elly Schlein. It is objective: since the arrival of the new secretary, the Democratic Party has grown. Though, I would like to point out a few though that I don’t think many will tell you. First: Elly rises from a steep decline in recent months in what appears to be a “rebound effect”; second: at the moment it has the same percentage (19%) that Enrico Letta had the day after the September 2022 elections; third: the coalitions are still light years away, both in the current formulation (24.5% centre-left, 46.5% centre-right) and in the event of an alliance with the M5S (centre-right 46.5%, Giallorossi 41.3%). Translated: Elly may be beautiful and good, but she still has to eat sandwiches before singing victory.

– Oh no, dear Dario Nardella. Yesterday you were elected hero of two worlds, you treated that environmentalist smearer to the face (“what the fuck are you doing”), you had all the reasons in the world and today you don’t have to back down. Do not try. I get hives when I hear you say: “As a man of the institutions I shouldn’t have addressed the boy in that way”. You’ve already limited yourself to not giving him a slapstick: now there’s no need for you to try to recover the green vote by stating that you “understand” the “frustration” of the vandals. But of what? “We blocked the protest on Friday but we didn’t block the desire to protect the planet that hosts us.” Hey Darius, what the f** are you saying? (cit).

– Today the WHO opened the hypothesis of declassifying the Covid to flu. Well. Yet on the same day we discover that Novak Djokovic he can’t go to the Miami Masters because he’s not vaccinated. Do we realize the folly of these rules?

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