Trump shock: “They arrest me on Tuesday”

Who was convinced that with Biden’s victory, the expulsion from all social networks and the various judicial investigations concerning him, Trump could hoist the white flag.. well: he was wrong. Not only does The Donald intend to stand again in the elections, but now he is calling all his voters to mobilize, making the now famous assault on Capitol Hill on January 6 two years ago echo in the minds of Americans.

The news is explosive and it’s making half the world talk. In fact, the Tycoon has entrusted his social network, Truth, with an outlet whose impact in the next few hours will be all to be evaluated. Indeed, Trump denounced “illegal leaks” by the “corrupt Manhattan attorney’s office” according to which “the former president of the United States he will be arrested on Tuesday next week”. A bombshell, which Trump concludes with an appeal to his fans: “Protest, take back our country.

According to reports, the tycoon could be indicted in Manhattan for the alleged payment of 130,000 dollars to former porn star Stormy Daniels with the aim of buying her silence regarding an alleged relationship they had in the past. His lawyer and handyman would pay the bribe Michael Cohen. It was Cohen himself in 2019 who told everything to super-prosecutor Robert Mueller: on Monday, after three years in prison, he testified before the district attorney and confirmed his stories.

Arrest isn’t actually that obvious. Although the indictment now appears probable, even according to his lawyers, Trump could be forced to register fingerprints and handcuffed to be forced to appear before the Grand Jury in Manhattan. Small obstacle: since he now lives permanently in Mar a Lago in Florida, the authorization of Governor Ron DeSantis is needed to proceed with the capture and drag him to New York. It is true that there are rumors of his possible candidacy in the primaries as a challenger to Trump, but the game of the possible arrest of the opponent is decidedly complex.

“Illegal leaks from the corrupt and highly politicized New York attorney’s office,” which Trump says is “funded by Soros,” indicate, writes Trump, “that the Republican candidate and former US president will be arrested on Tuesday next week ”. All of this “without any proven crime, and based on old stories already debunked by numerous other prosecutors”. For Trump “the American dream is dead”: “The anarchists of the radical left have stolen the elections and the heart of our country. Crime and inflation are destroying our way of life”. And again: “American patriots – he continues – were arrested and kept in cages like animals, while left-wing criminals are allowed to go around, kill and set fire to, without paying”.

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