Ready for a trip to the Far East? This island pays you (in part) for your holidays!

Ready for a trip to the Far East? This island pays you (in part) for your holidays!
Ready for a trip to the Far East? This island pays you (in part) for your holidays!

If you still haven’t decided where to go for Easter, why not pamper yourself with a trip to the Far East? And, even better, why not get paid for the trip? Indeed, an island overlooking the Pacific has decided to start compensating the tourists who go there to promote the post-pandemic recovery of the tourism sector.

The island state in question is Taiwan, which has decided to boost tourism providing a sum of around 165 Euros to all tourists wishing to go on holiday to what is still called the Republic of China, born in the (not too) distant 1949, after the Chinese Communist Party took power in mainland China .

Of course, today Taiwan is known for its role in the chip industry, as the country is there headquarters of TSMC, the largest chipmaker in the worldbut that doesn’t mean that the island isn’t a small paradise in the Pacific Ocean: on the contrary, Taiwan is endowed with huge metropolises that combine with an incomparable natural beauty, with luxuriant forests and, of course, coasts and beaches that make envy to those of the much more famous islands of Polynesia.

Therefore, if you want to go to the island in the China Sea, the announcement made by Taiwanese Premier Chen Chien-jen might interest you: the country will offer an amount of around 165 Euros to a total of 500,000 tourists between 2023 and 2025. Similar figures, accumulated up to a maximum of approximately 660 Euros, will instead be provided to groups of tourists, including families.

But why Taiwan pays tourists who travel to the island on holiday? The reasons are essentially two. The first, the manifest one, is to restart tourism after the collapse of the pandemic, attracting 6 million tourists (against a population of 24 million people) in 2023 and up to 10 in 2025.

The second objective is entirely political: with Taipei increasingly threatened by Chinaa constant flow of tourists from abroad could have a strategic value, making a possible invasion of the island an international geopolitical problem, which would soon be brought before the eyes of the global community should tourists of any nationality find themselves involved in a large-scale war story.

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