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AVEZZANO – The man driving the white Alfa Romeo Giulietta which this morning crashed into the dairy van parked near Corso della Libertà at the corner with Piazza Risorgimento has been traced. The events took place at 7.24 in the center. It could have been a massacre if someone had been sitting on the tables or in front of the windows of the Bar Gran Caffè, as can usually happen in convivial meeting places. But the video from the surveillance cameras is shocking and can be viewed by clicking on the link below. At 00.29 the crash occurs. From the white car a man driving, after just a moment comes out unharmed from the vehicle. And as if nothing had happened he just looks around and then following him, he arrives as far as the fountain in Piazza Risorgimento where he literally dives shortly thereafter. Soaked in water, he then takes off his jacket and hat and heads off with an angry expression towards via Amendola, disappearing.

With the arrival of the police, however, through license plate and investigation activities, after a few hours the man was tracked down and identified. Now he will have to clarify his position, and above all the way for the summons for damages is paved. The van with the dairy products was destroyed as well as the load, as well as damage to street furniture and commercial activity.

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