Murder Carol Maltesi, on March 22 in all bookstores the book that tells the macabre murder

Murder Carol Maltesi, on March 22 in all bookstores the book that tells the macabre murder
Murder Carol Maltesi, on March 22 in all bookstores the book that tells the macabre murder

Savona. It will be released in all Italian bookshops on Wednesday 22 March “On Your Skin” (Giunti Editore), the book that recounts the case of themurder of Carol Maltesi (solved also thanks to the investigation by and its director Andrea Tortelli) which has been covered by the media from all over the world (from the London Telegraph to the News York Post, from the ABC to German Rtl TV).

Carol Maltesi, we remember, was killed on 11 January 2022 by ex-partner and neighbor Davide Fontana. The 43-year-old banker, in a crescendo of horror, tore the body apart of the 26-year-old (while filming a hard video) e he tried to burn it, then stored it in a freezer for over two months. On March 20, therefore, he drove from Rescaldina (Milan) to Paline di Borno (Brescia), throwing the mangled corpse into a ravine. A few hours later a pensioner found the woman’s remains and the investigation began, which they had a decisive impulse in the lightning investigation of the Brescian journalist Tortelli (43 years old, director of BsNews) who in a few hours managed to give a name to the body and chat with the murderer, who was arrested two days later by the carabinieri.

The book (On your skin, Andrea Tortelli, Giunti publisher) will be available from 22 March in all bookshops in Italy (192 pages, cover price 16 euros). It is already possible to pre-order it on Amazon at this link:


On March 20, 2022, along a mountain road in the province of Brescia, the body of a woman killed was found, dismembered and closed in black bags. The investigators declare that it is difficult to trace the identity of the victim but reveal her presence on the remains of some of her tattoos.

Meanwhile, the journalist Andrea Tortelli is in smart working: which in his case means managing an online information masthead almost alone, from the choice of the editorial line to the management of technical and administrative problems up to the drafting of the pieces, and in the meantime taking care of the young son . However, he hasn’t lost his passion for journalism done right, the one that verifies every piece of news, he asks himself questions and seeks answers.

This is how, a few days later and in less than twenty-four hours, armed only with computers and smartphones, Andrea manages to trace the killer, chat with him, give a name to the victim: Carol Maltesi, known as Charlotte Angie, mother, actress, young woman with too big dreams, dead for months now in the most deafening silence.

From now on it is not difficult for the police to arrest the culprit, but this, as we know, is only the first step in understanding the meaning of a story. The magistrates’ investigations will clarify the facts, but for Andrea Tortelli it is not possible to stop thinking about that girl who died too soon, to try to get to know her even if it is too late.

On your skin is – also – a story that pays homage to a girl who was looking for happiness and who teaches us how social networks, behind their glossy photos, are nothing more than a place where each of us tries to get out of our own loneliness.


Andrea Tortelli is 44 years old, lives in Brescia and is a professional journalist. He has collaborated with various local newspapers and publishing houses, press offices and some national newspapers. Since 2016, he has been the editor of the online newspaper BsNews, which he helped found. Web and social media expert, he manages several online communities (including the largest Italian community of journalists on social media). Always passionate about poetry, he has published four collections: the latest is a poetic-tourist guide to the province of Brescia.

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