a 34-year-old who was traveling with her dog was seriously injured

Serious head-on accident in the province of Como: the conditions of the 34-year-old motorist and his dog


Old Gabriel Posted on March 18, 2023

On the evening of 17 March, around 20.30, there was a serious accident between two cars in Bregnano, province of Como.

Two cars made one front at high speed at a bend in via Carcano, section of the provincial 32. The dynamics that led to the nasty head-on accident are yet to be ascertained.

Head-on accident in the province of Como, the conditions of the 34-year-old driving the Smart are serious

Road surveys are underway and it is too early to understand what led to the frightening accident. From the damage suffered by the cars, however, of course the impact was very violent.

Driving one of the two cars (a Smart) a 34-year-old woman who reported very serious injuries and woundsand for this reason it was transported in red code to the Sant’Anna hospital in San Fermo thanks to the timely intervention of the Lomazzo Red Cross.

On board the Smart, the woman was not alone: ​​hers was with her too doggiealso wounded and immediately referred to the care of a veterinarian.

On the spot were attended by i carabinieri of the company of Cantù, who are taking care of taking the reliefs of the road accident. At the same time they also operated Fire fighters to make the stretch of road safe as soon as possible.

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