Car accident at the crossroads: 78-year-old Ave Minelli dies

Upstream of the accident there would be a lack of precedence. The driver of the other car in the hospital in Cremona with the ambulance

Fatal accident in San Benedetto Po at the crossroads between Strada Schiappa and Strada Foriere: 78-year-old Ave Minelli lost her life in the impact.

Tremendous crash at the intersection

He would not have given way and one was born dramatic accident road. Thus she lost her life, around noon on Friday 17 March 2023, the 78 years old from San Benedetto Po Ave Minelli. The 48 years old which was driving the other car he also suffered rather serious traumas, so much so that he was transferred to the Cremona hospital with the air ambulance.

Lack of precedence

According to what was reconstructed by carabinieri of San Benedetto, the 78-year-old aboard her own car it was coming from strada Foriere to merge into strada Schiappa. Once she reached the crossroads, however, the woman allegedly entered Strada Schiappa without realizing that the 48-year-old’s car was coming from his right.

The impact was very violent and for the old woman there was none nothing to dodespite i timely assistance lent by 118 arrived on site together with carabinieri and firefighters.

The one where the accident in which the 78-year-old lost her life took place is an intersection on which over time there have been several accidents, even particularly serious ones.

In three days, three deaths and one seriously injured in accidents

In the province of Mantua within three days there were three deaths and one very seriously injured in the event of road accidents: in addition to 78 years old Ave MinelliWednesday the 63 years old Alberto Padovan of Castiglione delle Stiviere was involved in a very serious accident in Montichiari, in the Brescia area; the next day, or Thursday, in Castiglione has for life the 85-year-old Enrico Molinari when his car crashed into a tanker; always on Thursday evening instead the 76-year-old farmer Adriano Ghidini ha died on the border between Ceresara and Guidizzolo while working on his tractor.

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