Who was Christian Donzello, the 16-year-old who died during an illegal race in Biassono

The strong passion for two wheels. The same one that brought Christian Donzello, 16 years old, on the long straight road of via Friul, in the industrial area of ​​Biassono (Monza and Brianza) on Sunday afternoon. There where he met his death, riding his Enduro 125, after crashing into a car. The hypothesis of the clandestine race.

The strong passion for two wheels. The same that Sunday afternoon brought Christian Donzello, 16 years old, in the long straight road of via Friul, industrial area of ​​Biassono (Monza and Brianza). There where he found death, riding his Enduro 125after having crashed into a car he had just turned. All around dozens and dozens of kids, spectators, other bikes. A context that now favors only one reconstruction of the accident: that of clandestine competition between very young people.

The memory of friends and motorcycle companions

“You are always with us Donze, forever Bro“, it banner hung by his classmates in front of his school, the Achille Grandi Professional Training Center in Sesto San Giovanni (Milan). Environment, flowers and farewell cards.

Here the young man resident in the Sant’Alessandro district of Monza, was in the third year. “Shy but well liked by everyone, boys and teachers“, the words of the school principal. “Like many of our students, he loved engines and came to class on a motorcycle. Unfortunately that passion was fatal to him”.

We will all remember you like this, with your smile“, the comments of friends on social networks, companions on motorbike raids. Cousin Gaia wishes him on Instagram “Safe travels, blue-eyed angel“, the other cousin Omar vents on TikTok with friends: “I miss Chris”and the final hashtag #look at me up.


The hypothesis of the clandestine tender in the industrial area

Meanwhile, the investigations by the Carabinieri of Monza continue light on the dynamics of the accident which cost his life to Christian Donzello (and only a few injuries to the 18-year-old companion who ran alongside him): the hypothesis, supported by some videos shot on the spot, is that of the clandestine race.

An impromptu race between friends from the village, or a real motorcyclist meeting? The answer, again, is not definitive.

Among the residents of the area, who complain about the presence of you keep dating in the industrial area of Biassono (a circumstance not actually confirmed by the police), and the boys who deny it. “But what clandestine competitions, they meet here because for them there are no spaces“, the comment of a resident.


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