Friends what happened to Tish? Today unrecognizable, very long hair and super sexy blonde

Friends what happened to Tish? Today unrecognizable, very long hair and super sexy blonde
Friends what happened to Tish? Today unrecognizable, very long hair and super sexy blonde

The singer Tish has changed a lot today and many have noticed it: in fact, some photographs have appeared on the net, which are literally making the rounds of the web and which immediately went viral. Here she is, years after her participation in the talent show Friends.

Originally from Serbia, Tish has in fact achieved popularity on TV thanks to to his presence in the most famous Art School of Italian television. In fact, her talent was able to immediately conquer the hearts of thousands of people and, after her exit from the talent show, his artistic career did not stop at all. In fact, her music continues to amaze many listeners, who cannot help but follow her and fill her with affection for all her singing performances.

Tish to Amici

Meanwhile, many were left speechless in looking at Tish’s new look, which has changed a lot since it last appeared on TV. This is how it is today.

Tish’s change after Amici

It was 2019 when Tish took part in the nineteenth edition of Friendsmanaging to reach the semifinals and to win the Tim Music Award for the most played song of the talentMeaning what Try to C. During the program, he also debuted an EP bearing the same stage name as himself. In 2021, however, her first album in Italian arrived and she then became an ambassador of GO 2025: this experience allowed her to participate in social events and to shoot films that contained themes on the demolition of borders.

The young artist also collaborated – in 2022 – with Slovenian artists, and had an important role in some events in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Her artistic career therefore certainly did not stop and she, increasingly active on social media, often showed shots of her daily life and her intense work activity. However, many fans have noticed a marked change in her appearance: around the time she was in ad Friendsindeed, he wore red hair in a bob and two dots drawn under the eyes.

Tish as it is today (instagram photo)

Instead, she has now appeared very different on social media: in fact, hers have attracted attentionlong brown hair, which make her more and more beautiful and which have left all her most loyal fans speechless.

Tish’s private life

The singer has always been very private and immediately preferred to stay away from the spotlight. In fact, she herself never publishes – on her social profiles – shots that portray her in the company of a maneven if the rumors about him have been circulating since his participation in ad Friends. In fact, it was said that Tish had flirted with the singer Alberto Urso and, more recently, that she was romantically linked to Marco Locati (cartoonist and brother of Matteo Locati, that is the drummer of the Nuclear Tactical Penguins). However, these rumors have never been made official.

In the meantime, her official Instagram profile is increasingly followed, which boasts the presence of thousands of followers who always follow her with great affection and who support her in each of her projects.

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