who is the wife Marie-Claire Rupio – DiLei

who is the wife Marie-Claire Rupio – DiLei
who is the wife Marie-Claire Rupio – DiLei

Canceled the few hopes: Christian Atsu is one of the victims of the earthquake in Turkey. The discovery of the body of the former Chelsea footballer was confirmed by one of his agents.

The rescuers continue the search, in the hope of running into a real miracle, finding someone still alive. This was not the case for the class of 1992, who leaves behind his wife, Marie-Claire Rupio, and their Three children.

Christian Atsu, how his wife and children were saved

Marie-Claire RupioChristian Atsu’s wife, unfortunately received the news she feared from that fateful February 6, the day when Turkey and Syria were deeply shaken by an earthquake measuring 7.8.

More than 40 thousand victims, including the well-known footballer, former Premier League. After the discovery of the lifeless body, numerous other personal items have come to light, such as his mobile phone, which will be handed over to his family.

The love story between Marie-Claire Rupio and Christian Atsu began at the same time that he saw the birth of his career as a professional footballer. He was 20 years old and played for Porto. It was 2012, a decisive year in his life, as he later discovered, having soon met the woman of his life.

A fairytale love, worthy of a film, as evidenced by the fact that they got married a few months later, staying together for 10 years, until the dramatic death of the footballer. Today many report some words spoken by Atsu to the press: “I met my wife in Portugal and we have a wonderful family. We’ve been together for 9-10 years and I just love her.”

The two had moved to Newcastle for reasons related to the footballer’s work, who remained in this city from 2016 to 2021. He later moved to Saudi Arabia, until he landed in Turkey, without however ever forcing his loved ones to see their life turned upside down. Marie-Claire Rupio and her three children have in fact remained in Newcastle. The decision to protect the everyday life of the little ones at home, avoiding following their father around the world, proved fatally saving on that cursed February 6, 2023.

Christian Atsu, who is the wife

Marie-Claire Rupio’s life did not end, however, with her marriage to Christian Atsu, far from it. The woman is originally from Germany and in 2021 she managed to fulfill her dream of publishing a book.

In fact, yours has arrived in the bookstore Stop bullying me, which has garnered rave reviews. It tells the story of a young woman named Delilah, thrown into a difficult struggle against the darkness that seems to envelop her life. She must learn to trust again in order to regain her lost happiness.

Marie-Claire Rupio is showing great strength in a situation of profound shock. She has to do it for herself and her three children. She made some statements to the BBCwishing to emphasize the absurdity of the scoop hunt that occurred.

In fact, one was filtered fake news regarding the discovery of her husband Christian Atsu, also underlining how he had been transported to the hospital, still alive. The confused news all turned out to be false, destroying all hope of the family at once.

“I have to admit it was a shock to hear confirmation that he was still alive and in the hospital. A full 11 hours later my children and I had to hear on the radio that the rescuers did not, in fact, still know where he was ”.

Not only harsh words, also sweet memories about thelast time they had heard. Sunday morning the man got to talk to her and their children, not knowing it would be the last time.

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