Vannino died, he was 69 years old

Of Ilaria Lumini

AGLIANA – An illness in the street, not far from his home in via Pratese in Le Querci, then transport to the San Jacopo hospital where he died at the age of 69.

Egidio Alessandro Gori, known by all as Vannino, died today, Saturday 28 January.


Egidio Alessandro was born on 20 June 1953 in Pistoia. But in Pistoia and Agliana, where he grew up, he was known by all as “Vannino”.

Egidio, as his great friend Gerardo Modesto had told Reportpistoia, had taken the name of his deceased father.

“Vannino grew up in a wealthy family, his father was a well-known entrepreneur. He was the most envied boy in the country, not only because he drove around in Porsches but also because he was handsome. Beautiful, very long blond hair, athletic body, bright eyes. He has always been a decent person,” the friend had said.

Vannino was a character for Pistoia and Agliana: a beloved man, outside the box, outside the rules, who over the years has become a symbol, a symbol of freedom and courage, courage to live life not caring about the judgment of others and a status social.

Furfaro (Pd): death of Vannino immense pain for an entire community

“Vannino was much more than a person for many of us. The pain for his death – writes the honorable Marco Furfaro – is so great and the affection so vast because Vannino was a founding piece of our community, he was the smile and the joke he always had for everyone, it was his bicycle and that freedom lived and never flaunted, was a small great institution that everyone took for granted because it was part of our history. We will miss you so much, we will miss you so much Alessandro. Now you can ride your bike happily, as you liked to do so much”.

Mayor Benesperi: you will flood Heaven with your sympathy

“You will reach heaven by bike – writes the Mayor of Agliana Luca Benesperi on his Fb page – and I’m sure you will flood it with your sympathy and your desire to take life a bit like this, always in a stubborn and opposite direction.

Have a good trip Al!

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