Who was Mohsen Shekari, the 23-year-old first sentenced to death for protests in Iran

Who was Mohsen Shekari, the 23-year-old first sentenced to death for protests in Iran
Who was Mohsen Shekari, the 23-year-old first sentenced to death for protests in Iran

What officially appears to be the was carried out this morning in Iran first death sentence of a protester arrested in the protests that have been shaking the country for over two months, after the death of the young Mahsa Amini, arrested in September for wearing the veil incorrectly. The protester hanged by sentence this morning is also very young: his name was Mohsen Shekari and had 23 years. According to the “official” version reported by the Iranian news agencies, he had been arrested in the first days of the riots, on September 25, for having blocked traffic and hit – apparently with a machete – a Basij militia guard, wounding him in the shoulder. After the arrest, he continues the official story, he allegedly confessed to having been pressured into protesting by a friend, who also allegedly offered him a reward if he hit a policeman. The judges would then ascertain that Shekari carried out the suggestion, using the makeshift weapon «with the intention to kill, cause terror and jeopardize the order and security of society”. Crimes liable, for the court, to the crime of moharebeh (“war against God”) according to shariathe Islamic law applied in Iran, for which the death penalty. His lawyer – according to the Guardian – would have requested and obtained the re-examination of the case on appeal, but would not have been admitted to this second degree of the process. Who confirmed the death sentence carried out today, without the family being able to see him first.

However, one of his former prison companions gave a face and a story to the name of the hanged boy on Instagram. Bob Aghebatiwhich presents itself on social networks as digital creatorhe said in a post that he shared a cell with Shakari for about twenty days in the prison Evin – the same one in which the travel bloggers Roman Alessia Piperno. Aghebati restores the memory of those twenty days with touching words. “Mohsen Shakari was executed today. My brain is about to explode », he writes, before drawing up an intimate profile of his ex-partner. “Mohsen worked in a bar. He would talk to me until the wee hours of the morning about his love of video games. But also of his loneliness. When he had leftover food, he always wanted me to eat at least a few bites. He complimented me a lot on my style, and sometimes he scolded me.’ The last thoughts are directed directly to the 23-year-old now missing «I wish you hadn’t praised me so much. I wish you had put your bed across from mine last night. I wish you hadn’t brought a bottle of soda when you came back from the interrogation. I wish you hadn’t told me about all the types of coffee and how to make them. I wish I was still alive when I made coffee this morning. I wish I hadn’t read this news. I wish I wasn’t so bad. I wish I didn’t hate myself so much. I wish I didn’t hate myself so much. I would like…”.

Photo: Instagram / Bob Aghebati

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