The geologist Alessandro Guastoni is the victim of the tragic accident in the cave

Alessandro Guastoni, 56 years old, geologist of Milanese origins who has lived in Mandello del Lario for some years. He is the victim of the tragic accident in the cave that took place yesterday evening in Colico. The man was on a mining excursion. A landslide occurred in the tunnel he had entered: the discharge of boulders hit him and closed his passage without unfortunately leaving him a chance. The 56-year-old was overwhelmed in particular by the collapse of a stone slab, just over a meter from the cave entrance.

A geology scholar, Guastoni leaves behind his wife and a 6-year-old child with whom he lived in the hamlet of Olcio, in Mandello del Lario. Graduated in Geological Sciences with previous studies in London, he worked at the University of Padua as conservator of Mineralogy. A terrible death for him, which left family and friends dismayed.

Yesterday the geologist had entered a cave in the hamlet of Olgiasca. Once the alarm went off, around 7 pm on Wednesday 7 December, the rescue workers immediately set to work. Various teams had been sent to Colico to look for the 56-year-old stuck in a cave that is lost near the well-known Piona abbey. It was soon understood that the situation was very delicate due to a landslide.

The technicians of the Alpine and Speleological Rescue of the Dervio station had gone into action on the spot, as well as the teams of the Guardia di Finanza, of the Saf Nucleus (speleo-alpine-river) and Usar (Urban search and rescue) of the Lecco Fire Brigade and Morbegno. The local police of Colico are also on the field. The Bellanese rescue crew was also mobilised.

The intervention of the rescuers late yesterday evening.

The relief efforts, launched by the man’s wife, were also mobilized in favor of the woman: the 46-year-old, struck by an illness, was taken care of on the spot by the volunteers of Soccorso Bellanese, who arrived on site in an ambulance . The 56-year-old’s recovery operations were long and demanding.

Two technicians from Cnsas Lombardo – IX Speleological Delegation and XIX Lariana, Valsassina – Valvarrone Station – descended to where the man was, a couple of meters from the surface. They worked using special pneumatic cushions that allow you to lift and move heavy weights. The conditions and landslides of the entrance required extreme caution. Once the slab had been removed sufficiently, the man was harnessed, then packed up and transported to the ambulance for medical-legal procedures. The firefighters are also in action, making a large part of the material used available. The intervention ended around midnight.

The intervention during the night in Olgiasca.

The recovery operations of the body are very complex.

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