Happy Immaculate, the best phrases and greeting images for December 8, 2022

Happy Immaculate, the best phrases and greeting images for December 8, 2022
Happy Immaculate, the best phrases and greeting images for December 8, 2022

Happy Immaculate Day, to you and your family”. Today, December 8, 2022, it’s time to send the first ones Christmas time greetingswith what is in fact the holiday that starts it all: the Immaculate Conception.

December 8 is actually considered the day with which the Christmas period beginsa real day of celebration that needs to be celebrated with friends and relatives, to whom you can send a greeting messageaccompanied by an image, with which to perceive the Christmas atmosphere.

It is therefore a testing ground, in view of the most awaited Christmas and New Year’s greetings, for which it is good not to be caught unprepared: between one decoration and another – let us remember that December 8 is the day on which traditionally the ‘Christmas tree – it would be advisable to take a few minutes to send a message of’best wishes for a good Immaculate Conception to friends and relativesor even just to thank – with the traditional “you and your family too” – who has had a thought for you.

And if you don’t have enough imagination to think of one original greeting phrase, beautifulor also nicewe can come to your rescue: here, in fact, you will find a list with the best ideas for the Immaculate Conception 2022which can be used to wish a happy 8th december to friends, relatives or simply work colleagues.

Whatsapp, Facebook and Telegram promise to be hot for the day of celebration that has just begun: are you ready to go wild with good wishes?

Happy December 8, 2022: phrases and greeting images Immaculate

  • May your Christmas open with Mary’s grace and light. Best wishes for a happy Immaculate Conception.
  • There is no party without lights and Christmas without the Immaculate Conception. Happy December 8th.
  • With the wish to spend this important day with the affection and warmth of your family.
  • I wish you that these festive days bring you many happy and unforgettable moments. Happy Immaculate Conception!
  • Our Lady of Light is giving you today a ray of sunshine that can warm your home, bringing love to all your family.
  • I hope you can find warmth and happiness again on this festive day. Happy December 8th
  • Wishing you a happy day and may Mary’s light guide you in dark days. Good Immaculate.

  • Happy December 8th my friend, I wish you that this day is a magical occasion for you to renew your faith and happiness, best wishes!
  • Best wishes for every action that will make you happy, for every secret dream that you will see come true, for every hug that will warm your heart, best wishes for this magical day of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

  • Through Mary we can enter the Holy Christmas, let’s welcome her today, I will be her light to guide us with all the love we need! Happy December 8th everyone!
  • May this festive day bring a fresh wind of love and happiness to you and all the special people in your life. Happy solemnity of the immaculate.

  • I wish you one of those special days that begin with a sweet smile and end with peace and serenity. Happy Feast of the Immaculate Conception.
  • Before Christmas trees in our homes, we should beautify and turn on the lights in our hearts. Happy December 8th everyone!
  • Hail our hope, hail benign and pious, hail full of grace, O Virgin Mary.

  • May the Most Holy Immaculate Madonna protect you by illuminating your way, giving all the light you need for your every day and in every choice you make!

  • Best wishes for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, may Our Lady always protect you.
  • The winter begins for the Immaculate Conception. (that is, winter, tradition has it that the cold arrives from December 8th).
  • I would like to offer each of you my special wishes for this special celebration! May you spend a day filled with peace and joy with those around you!! Happy Immaculate Conception!
  • On this day of celebration, let us allow ourselves to be pampered in the arms of Mother Mary. Happy Feast of the Immaculate Conception to you and to all the people dear to you.

  • Today the city is filled with lights and colours;

    it is a triumph of flashes,

    in the air there is already the scent of celebration and the desire to give a smile, a hug and a wish for a happy feast of the Immaculate Conception.

Today December 8th we celebrate the Immaculate Conception, I wish you to spend a happy day of fun with the people you care about.

May the Mother of all mothers grant you everything you desire. Happy Immaculate Conception.

Let the magic of the coming Christmas pervade your souls, igniting the love in your hearts. Happy Feast of the Immaculate Conception!

Happy Immaculate Day to all my friends, with the wish that Maria will always protect us and always be by our side during our lives.

I wish you to find yourself with your loved ones under the Christmas tree to fill it with lights and before that I wish you to fill your heart with the light of the Immaculate Conception!

There is no party without lights, there is no Christmas without the Immaculate Conception. Happy Immaculate Conception.

Best wishes Happy Immaculate 2022: the most beautiful quotes

Love was rekindled in your womb, through which warmth in eternal peace, thus this flower germinated.Dante Alighieri

As the child never tires of repeating mother, so the Christian always repeats the same greeting to Mary.Henri Dominique Lacordaire

Virgin Mary, remember all your children; validate their prayers with God; keep their faith firm; strengthen their hope; increase charity.Pope Paul VI

To grow in tenderness, in respectful and delicate charity, we have a Christian model to which to direct our gaze with certainty. She is the Mother of Jesus and our Mother, attentive to the voice of God and to the needs and difficulties of his children.Pope francesco

This does not mean that life was easy for her (Maria), no. Being with God doesn’t magically solve problems. The conclusion of today’s Gospel reminds us of this: “The angel departed from her” (v. 38). He walked away: it’s a strong verb. The angel leaves the Virgin alone in a difficult situation. She knew in what particular way she would become the Mother of God – the angel had said so – but the angel had not explained it to the others, only to her. And the problems began right away: let’s think of the irregular situation according to the law, of the torment of Saint Joseph, of the broken life plans, of what people would have said… But Mary puts her trust in God before the problems. She is left by the angel, but she believes that God is left with her, in her. And she trusts her. She trusts God. She is certain that with the Lord, even if unexpectedly, everything will go well.Pope francesco

The attitude of Mary of Nazareth shows us that being comes before doing, and that we need to let God do it in order to truly be as He wants us to. It is He who does so many wonders in us. – Pope francesco

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