cause of death and the story with Gianni

cause of death and the story with Gianni
cause of death and the story with Gianni

Mourning in the fashion world: Gianni Versace’s historic partner, Antonio D’Amico, died at the age of 63 due to an illness. A great love

It all happened in a few months, Antonio D’Amico, 63, died of a disease discovered too late. Mourning has already hit the fashion world since yesterday when the manager of Gianni Versace’s historic partner spread the news of his death on Instagram, which is echoed on all social networks today. Antonio D’Amico is known as Gianni Versace’s partner but has a very important personal story behind him. He is of Apulian origins, he was in fact born in Mesagne on 21 January 1959. Since his adolescence he had in his heart the dream of breaking into the world of fashion thanks also to his class and beauty. Before meeting love, Gianni Versace’s future partner moved to Milan and began a career as a model that allowed him to get to know the environments to which he belongs today.

Become a stylist and meet the late brother of Donatella Versace and that between Antonio D’Amico and Gianni is a solid relationship lived in the light of the sun. The love lasts 15 years until the murder of the designer in 1997 which took place in his villa in Miami. A mourning that of the death of his partner never passed as revealed shortly before his death by the 63-year-old himself to Roberto Alessi. Antonio D’Amico’s job was the management, together with other colleagues, of the La Carera restaurant in Manerba. In fact, since 2002 Gianni Versace’s historic partner had moved to Lake Garda where he lived until his death. He also continued his career as a stylist and designer: not long ago before discovering his illness, he had opened a showroom on Lake Garda and collaborated on a line of tailored suits with his signature.

Antonio D’Amico causes death

The cause of death of Antonio D’Amico, companion of Gianni Versace, is a disease specifically a tumor in the throat. To review it was Roberto Alessi who had recently interviewed him in his magazine Novella2000. The journalist knew the designer well who died yesterday 6 December because he had also known him for the biography he wrote on the life of Versace. The director said that Antonio D’Amico himself, once he discovered the disease that had struck him, had surgery to remove the tumor in his throat. He was trying to recover even though his voice was compromised. On the other hand, Gianni Versace’s historic partner had appeared in excellent shape just last year in December 2021 when he had been a guest of Serena Bortone in the talk Today is another day.

During the interview he had told about his life and his love for the great Italian designer. The 63-year-old who died yesterday December 6 also revealed that when he found the body of his beloved partner, he fell into a deep depression because he believed that his own life was over. The trauma suffered also led him to a suicide attempt and he too had come to write a letter and ingest drugs to stop suffering. A wound that added up to that of the disappearance of his sister Maria who died in the arms of Antonio D’Amico when he was only 16 years old from heart disease.

Antonio D’Amico and Gianni Versace

Antonio D’Amico and Gianni Versace met in 1982 at a dinner. A stroke of lightning that materialized only after months. The then model was away on business and found messages from the Italian designer asking him why he didn’t want to reply and have contact with him. That misunderstanding was the pretext for the first real date that started one of the most important love stories, also from a historical point of view, for the emancipation of the country. Antonio D’Amico and Gianni Versace are in fact one of the first VIP couples to come out, living their romantic relationship in the light of the sun for about 15 years. It took time for the man who also became a designer to fall in love again. Antonio D’Amico’s new partner arrived years later and was by his side until his death. From Serena Bortone years ago he spoke of it with affection, reiterating how her Gianni would have been happy to see him serene next to another after so much suffering. The man whose identity is not known is not part of the world of entertainment, he deals with the travel sector.

Dagospia underlines how Antonio D’Amico had never been on good terms with the Versace brothers, including Donatella. Obviously curiosity never dies and many have wondered, even in such a tragic circumstance, what his heritage is. Specifically, Gianni Versace’s partner had received an annuity upon the designer’s death, a sum that he chose to receive in a single solution to open a showroom in Milan with his signature clothes. It was between 1997 and 1998, but the investment was unsuccessful as the salon itself was closed after three years. Roberto Alessi on Novella 2000 adds details on the heritage of Antonio D’Amico. According to him, the figure that was being talked about at the time as an annuity that became “severance pay” would have been around 50 million of the old lire with the addition of being able to use the villas owned by him. In recent years, before he died, he had recovered relations with Santo Versac.

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