Musk thanks the Italian Andrea Stroppa, who is the cybersecurity expert who helped Twitter against pedophiles

Musk thanks the Italian Andrea Stroppa, who is the cybersecurity expert who helped Twitter against pedophiles
Musk thanks the Italian Andrea Stroppa, who is the cybersecurity expert who helped Twitter against pedophiles

“Thank you for helping us with this important problem.” With these words “chirped” on Twitter, Elon Musk thanked the Italian computer expert of cybersecurity and data analysis Andrew Stroppa called by the same patron of Tesla to fight the problem of pedophilia on the social network he purchased. The Roman, born in 1994, considered “Musk’s correspondent from Italy” made known the results obtained in the fight against the sexual exploitation of minors on the social network with explanatory posts. A job – explains Stroppa himself – carried out as an independent expert alongside the Trust and safety team driven by Ella Irwin and designed with a very specific mission: “No mercy for those involved in these illegal activities”. After a capillary analysis of the contents on the platform, Stroppa underlines how “the daily suspension rate has almost doubled in recent days”. This means that in the last 24 hours – adds Stroppa – «they have been suspended 44 thousand suspicious accounts, including more than 1,300 that they tried to bypass identification using code words and text in images to communicate». Furthermore, in these hours “Twitter is concentrating its efforts on the networks of users who speak Spanish and Portuguese”. The «zero tolerance» policy against pedophiles – writes thechild prodigy of the cybersecurity it was only made possible thanks to one person: Elon Musk. “If Twitter is now fighting so vigorously against child sexual exploitation content, it is thanks to a person who set it as priority no. 1: Elon Musk.” Now, for Stroppa the social network is «a safer place under the guidance of Elon. And this is only the beginning”.

Who is Andrea Stroppa: Musk’s “correspondent from Italy”.

Roman, born in 1994. Andrew Stroppa, the young but already well-known IT security expert and beyond, is one of the 137 followers that Musk himself follows on Twitter from his profile. Enlisted very young in the ranks of Anonymous ItalyStroppa had already hit the headlines when in 2017 he had become a consultant to Matteo Renzi on cyber security and “protégé of Marco Carrai”, a contemporary and personal friend of the leader of Italy alive. Complicit in the turnaround to the so-called «Elongate», the sex scandal that broke out regarding an alleged harassment of a woman, Stroppa managed to notice how the bots/fake accounts helped to increase the virality of the tweet that attempted to discredit Musk. Having published numerous dossierhis searches ended beyond that on the New York Timesalso on the Cnnon Vanity Fairon Washington Post, Forbes It is on Wall Street Journal, to name a few. And he is the author of the report unveiled by New York Times which demonstrates how the official page of «Us with Salvini» share the same Google codes with disinformation sites and with an unofficial propaganda page of the 5 Star Movement.

More AI against suspicious tweets

In addition to zero tolerance for child sexually exploitative content, the vice president of Trust and Safety, Ella Irwinconfirmed a Reuters as on the table of proposals there is one linked to the use of artificial intelligence to the detriment of human intervention on posted contents. The goal – says Irwin – is to censor hateful posts by users and spread fake news faster. Two problems which, according to the Center for Countering Digital Hate, have become much more evident after the acquisition of the platform by Musk. An example: for the Centre, tweets with insults against black people increased from 1,282 to 3,876 per day while anti-Semitic tweets increased by +61% in the two weeks following the change of ownership. Musk labeled the data “absolutely false.” The decision to use automated systems also comes in relation to the reduction in the workforce which has prompted the company to adopt more “aggressive” control measures.

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