Summer 2024, here is the cost of an umbrella and two sunbeds in July and August from Pizzo to Nicotera

Summer 2024, here is the cost of an umbrella and two sunbeds in July and August from Pizzo to Nicotera
Summer 2024, here is the cost of an umbrella and two sunbeds in July and August from Pizzo to Nicotera

It oscillates a lot, along the Coast of the Godsthe fork of prices for an umbrella and two sunbedsper day, in July and August. The lowest cost is awarded to all the beach establishments of Nicoterathanks to a agreement reached in 2022 between category entrepreneurs who have decided to equip themselves with a single price list. In fact, for an umbrella and two deckchairs, you spend 15 euros a day even in August. And the car parks on the seafront are all free. Although this first part of the season is almost deserted almost everywhere, bookings are pouring in from the second half of July. Parghelia it is also the other destination with affordable prices. «Here at the “Lido del Nonno” – Antonio, the owner of the family establishment, told us – we have decided never to adjust the prices, even leaving the pre-pandemic ones. The daily cost of umbrella and two sunbeds for July is 25 euroswithout distinction between the front row and those behind, and of 30 euros in August. This year we have extended the beach access for disabled people, bringing the walkway up to the second row and we have the presence of two lifeguards also to assist disabled people and we are equipped with a job chair”. Similar prices also on Zambrone where, at the “La Praia” beach there is an umbrella and two sunbeds July they cost 20 euros per day and 30 euros in August for the first row.

From the second onwards it drops to 25 euros. «We don’t have internal parking but – we were told by the hotel -, outside the lido, it is possible to park all day at a cost of only 5 euros. We are not yet equipped with a walkway with access to the water for disabled people, but for this year we have restored the entrance staircase and the ramp dedicated to them.”

Also on Protection payment there medium price range is in favor of tourists. At the “Regina del Mare” lido, for example «a single price list applies for both July and August, and umbrella and sunbed cost 8 euros each». At the “Chiringuito”, for both months taken into consideration, an umbrella and two sunbeds cost 20 euros per day. «For those who subscribe for a minimum of eight days – the structure informed us -, the daily cost drops to 18 euros. The parking, for about 60 cars, is free in the shade and the shower service, which lasts two minutes, costs 0.50 euros. We are equipped with separate toilets for men, women and disabled people and for the latter we only guarantee access to the beach, not the job chair.”

“Black jersey” for Tropea which is confirmed most expensive destination, with a significantly wider price range than the previous locations. At the “Albatros” lido in the month of July an umbrella and two sunbeds in the front row cost 35 euros per daywhile in the rear it drops to 30 euros. In August, however, 40 euros for the first row and 35 euros for the others and the hot shower service offered is free. Here too May and June were slow: «Reservations – they announced from the lido – they begin to appear from the second half of July on. Everything is expected to be full for August even if many places are still vacant.” The “Blanca Beach Club” closes the circle with the most expensive price list: «With us both in July and August – the structure announced – an umbrella and two sunbeds in the front row cost 75 euros per day, while from the second row onwards the price drops to 60 euros. This year we are not equipped on the beach to accommodate people with motor disabilities due to the further narrowing of the sand following the sea storms, so we are not even equipped with job chairs. However, for our customers we offer free hot/cold shower service. The municipal parking ticket costs 3 euros per hour throughout Tropea».

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