Redevelopment of the center: “A death sentence”

The administration redevelops the historic center, the traders blurt out: “Closing Via Caduti for nine months is a crazy project.” The revitalization of the historic center is among the key points of the administration’s activity. “A place of tradition, where there were once workshops and artisan activities and which, in recent years, has seen the return of many young people, who have decided to live in the courtyard houses, symbol of the city centre. Our challenge is to revive the economic fabric of the city, encourage neighborhood trade, reactivate relationships between people that can bring citizens back to reliving the center with enthusiasm”, explains mayor Luca Nuvoli.

“What was presented to us as a project to relaunch the historic center and local trade risks becoming a very expensive tombstone for trade” replies Walter Lanticina, president of the traders’ association. The common idea is to implement ideas to make the historic center more attractive, enhance the historical-cultural heritage, redefine public spaces for better use by everyone, i.e. resident citizens, traders, pedestrians, cyclists, users of the various activities present. The path is shared in meetings dedicated to traders and residents and, finally, to anyone who wishes to view the preliminary project and make their own suggestions. “The patronal festival, which this year will last three days from 28 to 30 June, will be the first occasion in which we will be able to meet in the center to celebrate our city and our community. For this edition, while maintaining the strong bond with the tradition, there will be many new features, such as the Flug Market craft market, marching bands, street food, music, street artists, in conjunction with the festival, there will be an open day dedicated to the redevelopment and valorisation of the centre historian and anyone who wishes will be able to view the first projects, make the first observations, make suggestions”, concludes the mayor.

“We appreciate the meeting initiative but we expected to see various project alternatives. The mayor talks about a bet for the relaunch of the historic center but we, traders and residents, will pay the price. A street without shops is a dead street, in which the value of properties also drops; a real problem that also affects the owners of houses and business walls. One million and 600 thousand euros and 9 months of road closure, to completely redo a street that has already been redone twice. Tons of expensive porphyry cobblestones to be thrown away to replace them with even more expensive porphyry slabs when a similar result could be achieved by intervening only in the central driveway part of the street, maintaining the existing pavement, saving public money and reducing road closures to a minimum. We hope for a repentance from the council”, concludes the president of the traders Walter Lanticina.

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