The “Baroque Festival” continues in Muggia, scheduled until Sunday 23 June

The “Baroque Festival” continues in Muggia, scheduled until Sunday 23 June
The “Baroque Festival” continues in Muggia, scheduled until Sunday 23 June

Until tomorrow, Sunday 23 June 2024 will see the third edition of the early summer event held in conjunction with the Feast of the Patron Saints John and Paul which the “Serenade Ensemble” musical association of Muggia dedicates to the baroque world, with the intention of making the coastal town a a sort of “cradle” of culture and of the seventeenth and eighteenth century music and of the rediscovery of the traditions that originate from that world.

This year too, the offer of music, workshops, songs, catwalks in period costumes and ancient and traditional dances will be particularly rich for the musical festival which will see Muggia immersed for three days in an atmosphere that recalls relaxation and good taste of life and music of past centuries.

This is a particularly substantial calendar which will feature various sacred places (the basilica of Muggia Vecchia, the little church of the Crucifix, the Cathedral and the San Francesco district) and Piazza Marconi and will offer the public a range of artistic emotions supported with enthusiasm by professionals or simple amateurs.

Today’s day, Saturday 22 June will be dedicated, in addition to music, to the historical and iconographic section of the event, with two talks held in the church of San Francesco starting from 5.30 pm by the engineer Federico Xiccato (on “The physics of sound tubes and the construction of replicas of instruments of vintage”) and by Dr. Raffaela Rimaboschi (regarding “Ancient varnishes, also applied to stringed instruments”).

The concert that will close the second day, in the Duomo starting from 9.00 pm, will feature the Collegium Musicum Fluminense ensemble of the CI of Rijeka which, directed by David Stefanutti, will host Giacomo and Andrea Sfetez, bassoonist and hornist respectively, in a program of music by Bach, Corrette, Vivaldi and Graupner. The introduction to the concert will be supported by the Scherzi Armonici – ARIS choral directed by Giulia Fonzari with the performance of the welcome Madrigals.

The “Baroque Festival” will end tomorrow, Sunday 23 June with three events, the first of which – called “Officina Musicale Barocca” and open to the public – will be held at 11.00 in the church of the Crucifix.

At 12.15 pm, at the end of the Holy Mass which will celebrate the Patron Saints, the Muggia Cathedral will host the performance of the participants in Professor Manuel Staropoli’s ancient music workshop, which will act as a prelude to “The Square and the Church”, the moment most anticipated of the calendar: it is in fact the presentation in Piazza Marconi of the historical dances of the Istro-Venetian tradition, preceded by a catwalk in period costumes. The ancient brass instruments of the “Città di Muggia” Wind Orchestra, the groups “Mugla Bjela”, “Al tempo di Tartini” of the CI of Piran, “Traditional Dances of Umag” and the Historical group will be present in Muggia for the occasion. Folk of the CI of Gallesano.

At 9.00 pm, once the celebration in the square is over, everyone is invited to the Cathedral to pay homage to the Protector Saints and to attend the Magistral Concert by Manuel Staropoli, introduced by the Piran CI Choir which, directed by Barbara Barač, will present three Sacred Songs by Tartini with the participation of Anna Bodi and Matjaž Zobec.

“The Baroque Festival is a constantly growing event – notes the President of the “Serenade Ensemble” musical association of Muggia, Roberta Vlahov – which aims to make our town a point of reference and meeting for the traditions of the region, of Istria and Dalmatia. One step at a time, we are succeeding, thanks also to the support of the institutions, for a sharing of voices, stories and culture, which today more than ever, serve to keep the history of our lands alive”.

“It will be – comments the artistic director of the “Baroque Festival” Andrea Sfetez – a particularly full program of events which this year also includes a space for informative relations, as well as the establishment of a new and interesting musical moment and sharing with the public: the Baroque Musical Workshop which will be open at the little church of the Crucifix on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd June from 11.00 to 13.00 to create a sort of “musical salon” in which anyone wishing to perform baroque music, not necessarily with instruments ancient, will be able to do so, permeating the Puccini course with beautiful music dedicated to amateurs, admirers or numerous tourists.

Finally, some dutiful thanks: the organization of the event was possible thanks to the contribution of the Municipality of Muggia, the close collaboration with the parish of SS Giovanni e Paolo and the “Giuseppe Tartini” Conservatory of Music of Trieste and makes use, in consideration of the particular relevance for the dissemination of Istrian traditions, of the patronage of the ANVGD – National Association of Venezia Giulia and Dalmatia of Trieste”.

Entrance to the concerts is free. In case of bad weather, the shows in the churches will still be guaranteed and the one on Sunday 23rd at 8.00 pm will be held under the Loggia of the Municipality of Muggia.

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