IF, over one million in turnover. The flood does not slow down the budget

IF, over one million in turnover. The flood does not slow down the budget
IF, over one million in turnover. The flood does not slow down the budget

Largely positive results, despite the flood that canceled the Formula 1 Grand Prix and knocked out the Santerno cycle route, for the tourism promotion company IF – Imola Faenza. In fact, the company 38.40% owned by Con.Ami closes 2023 with a profit of 374 thousand euros. And above all, for the second consecutive year, it exceeded (albeit by only 57 thousand euros) one million euros in turnover (“And there are currently all the conditions to obtain the same result also in 2024”, underline the company).

Why is exceeding this bar, which has happened on average in the last three years, so important for IF? Because since it is a publicly held company, under one million euros in turnover Con.Ami would be obliged to sell its shares in compliance with the Madia law. And already in the past, on this point, the Court of Auditors has been clear.

Now, however, the danger, at least in the immediate future, has been averted. And the IF leaders highlight the “increasingly significant role that revenues deriving from services and activities linked to the Autodrome have assumed, which went from 57 thousand euros in the company’s first balance sheet to 331 thousand euros last year”. In this sense, the tours organized at the Enzo and Dino Ferrari in 2023 have always been sold-out, with around three thousand people involved (68% of whom were foreigners) including guided tours and activities related to the circuit.

“IF has maintained its central role in the reception area thanks to its presence in the area with five tourist info points and over 194 thousand visitors welcomed – the company points out –. Added to these is the management of welcome desks on the occasion of national and international events international”.

As for the prospects for 2024, the first three months of the year “recorded a very positive trend compared to the similar months of 2023, both in terms of tourist movement and turnover, showing further growth opportunities”, they warn from IF.

Among the medium-term objectives, according to the top management of the tourism promotion company “it remains essential to continue in the development and marketing of the outdoor product, trusting that in the next two years all the infrastructures damaged by the events of last May will be restored”. As for the Autodrome, the idea is to “increasingly consolidate the networking of roles and functions with Formula Imola” to “plan in synergy the expansion of the offer, the implementation of increasingly incisive actions and optimize resources “, the company says.

“The commitment to innovation, the quality of the tourist offer and the satisfaction of visitors remain at the centre”, comments the director of IF, Marcella Pradella, while in the words of the president Gianfranco Montanari the company “has achieved an excellent level of operation and solidity which are the result of the work done in recent years”.

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