Camaldoli fire in Naples, the investigation widens: arson

Two days of flames and smoke. Two days of fear and anger for the environmental devastation that the Camaldoli fire he generated. The hill still burns, though the situation is under control. The mayor of Naples, Gaetano Manfredihad declared the emergency over on Friday evening, stating that the fire had been practically extinguished.
Yesterday, however, the report of a new fire front towards the Pianura district, one of the areas below the Camaldoli hill, started with residents who posted numerous videos since the early hours of the morning. Starting from the Soccavo side, the flames have almost reached Via Marano, the road that leads from Pianura to the hinterland north of Naples. A terrible scenario. Some of the residents even referred to the sounds of suffering from the wild animals that populate the wooded area. Affected by flames the area of ​​via Vicinale dei Montia densely populated area.

The columns of smoke were no further than 400 meters from the homes. Whether it is a aftermath of the first wind-fueled outbreak or whether it was a new voluntary arson raid, the investigations will ascertain this who are enriching the file already opened by Prosecutor’s Office of Naples. The rescue coordination centre, chaired by the prefect of Naples, Michele of Bari, is operational twenty-four hours a day. Since Thursday night he had been working to stop the flames that had reappeared in the area of ​​via Cupa Camaldoli. The fire brigade teams who intervened, with the support of the police, countered the advance of the flames and removed, as a precaution, three families, of which two returned home during the night. A firefighting helicopter from the Campania Region, in the early hours of the morning, carried out firefighting launches after the manager had ordered the disconnection of the high voltage line to allow the intervention of aerial vehicles.

On Thursday evening, a building was evacuated, with “contingent and urgent” ordinance issued by the Heritage Technical Service. It is a building owned by the Municipality of Naples, at number 281 viale Traiano. The Municipality specified that «in the building, at scale C, the monitoring of a crack pattern was active. Following the latest findings it has emerged a dangerous condition for the entire building» and the evacuation proceeded. Thirteen families, around fifty people, had to be evicted and reception stations were set up at a youth center in Soccavo with the contribution of social services and the staff of the multi-purpose centre.

Yesterday morning, at the Government Palace, a meeting was held called by the prefect Michele of Bari, on the occasion of the launch of the 2024 campaign against forest fires, to verify the initiatives taken and to encourage any useful form of collaboration among all the components of the Civil Protection system. The prefect highlighted the need to carry out important work to raise awareness among mayors, in their capacity as the first authorities responsible for civil protection. Prevention is the priority. But it is also necessary to promptly notify the Civil Protection of activities at risk, but also to provide an updated list of electrical sockets. Not to mention the work of raising awareness among citizens. In the meantime, continue monitoring air quality by Arpa Campania. According to the fixed control units installed in Naples, the values ​​are within the norm.

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