Athletics, Richardson wins even with her shoe untied. She wins her heat in 10.88

Athletics, Richardson wins even with her shoe untied. She wins her heat in 10.88
Athletics, Richardson wins even with her shoe untied. She wins her heat in 10.88

The guillotine is ready in the stadium in Eugene, Oregon, where they are just starting the American athletics trials: the stopwatch, or an apparatus of the various specialties (jumps, throws) has the cleaver ready. All it takes is a migraine and in a few seconds, if you’re not among the first, you’re up for four years. It was going to happen to Sha’Carri Richardsonthe predicted sprint queen in Paris.

Sha’Carri Richardson wins despite lacing incident

Busy last night (time zone issue) in the first round of the 100 meter dashthe 24-year-old from Dallas, who, although favored, was unable to participate in the 2021 Tokyo Games because she was disqualified for 30 days after testing positive for the cannabis she consumed, declared, to recover after learning from a journalist during an interview about the sudden death of his mother and despite having won the trials that year, she had a setback that could have cost her the next Olympics: the lace of one of her shoes came untied at the start. But she did not lose heart, nor did she lose her stride: he won his heat in 10.88best access time to tonight’s semi-final.

She didn’t get upset and after arriving, shaking her brightly colored hair and showing off her very long nails following the example of Florence Griffith Joyner who has been the fastest woman in the world for 36 years, she said: «It wasn’t the start I trained for, but I didn’t panic because I know that whatever happens I will continue to run as I know how.». The trials in Eugene will make the names of Leonardo Fabbri’s opponents known tonight: there is the shot put final. And on the night between Sunday and Monday those of Marcell Jacobs and Chituru Ali’s opponents: it is the night of the 100 and Noah Lyles, Fred Kerley, Colin Coleman and all the other most anticipated sprinters will be on the track. Perhaps the two hundredth runner Knighton, announced as the Bolt of the new times and absent from competitions for a couple of months, will also make the 100, stopped for testing positive for doping but punished lightly because it was the usual “involuntary food contamination”: a rogue supplement or one steak too many.


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