Olena Mulargia wins the coveted Lazio Dressage Cup

Olena Mulargia from Santa Marinella won the coveted Lazio Dressage Cup last weekend teaming with her brother Hidalgo and won the Italian Open Pony Polo (the Italian championships). Great satisfaction then for the parents of the champions Marzia and Charlie since their athletes shone in horse riding: Dressage and Polo Pony gold for Team Star Olena Ranch. Last weekend the finals for the awarding of the Lazio Dressage Cup took place in the splendid setting of the Italian Federal Equestrian Center at Pratoni del Vivaro. The very young Santa Marinellese, excellence of this sport, Olena Mulargia (10 years old a few months ago), who riding her “Dinare” (Sardinian pony only 6 years old, 149 meters tall at the withers), won the Lazio Cup in the And basic Advanced with E100 and E110 takes, scoring 238.963 percentage points. The Lazio Cup is the regional Dressage competition, which is divided into 5 stages plus the final held in the most beautiful riding clubs in Lazio between January and June. It is the most sought after by dressage riders from Lazio together with the regional championships scheduled for next November. Once Olena Mulargia finished competing together with her brother Hidalgo Mulargia, 9 years old, and another young rider from Lazio Diego Cecchetti, also 9 years old, they left for Cattolica (Rimini) towards the prestigious Horse Riviera Resort to compete in the Open as a team of Italy Polo Pony in the Children category. Match played on Thursday in two games with 4 overall playing halves. The Star Olena Team Polo Pony team won the gold medal by winning 6 to 3. A very difficult medal given the excellent level of the small polo players from Emilia Romagna. Great satisfaction for the instructors, as well as for Olena and Hidalgo’s parents, Marzia Bisegna and Charlie Mulargia, and Diego’s mother Veronica Iezzi, contact person for Lazio for the Promotion and Development sector. Many satisfactions for these great little riders called up to wear the colors of Lazio at the next Ponyadi scheduled at the Arezzo Equestrian Centre, in several equestrian disciplines. The Mulargia brothers, registered with Ssd EquiHome, have been training since the age of 4 in their private family ranch, Star Olena Ranch, in Santa Marinella, under the supervision of their technical parents Marzia Bisegna and Charlie Mulargia, both awarded with a special recognition . For Marzia Bisegna as Olena’s instructor for the Dressage discipline, and instructor plaque for Charlie Mulargia for the gold obtained by his students in Pony Polo at the 2024 Italian Open. Furthermore, for both instructors it is not the first opportunity of victories in these disciplines by their students. Charlie Mulargia’s students have won 2 gold medals and 2 silver medals in the last two Ponyadis representing Lazio. While in Dressage Marzia Bisegna already has two students called up to the Regions’ Cup representing Lazio in the last two years and to the Ponyadi Dressage in the last three. As well as several placings in the Welcome Event.


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