Fires in the province of Nisse, even touching homes: the alert remains high due to the risk of fires

Mussomeli – The earth burns. Drought and scorching heat are exacerbating the fire emergency that is gripping the island, certainly not sparing the people of Nisse. From north to south of the province, several fires have developed in the last few hours and have forced firefighters to work hard. Alarm bells for a summer that promises to be particularly at risk from this specific perspective.

Furthermore, in recent hours the civil protection has issued a fire alert due to the extreme heat, with very high risk also in the Nissena province.

In Santa Caterina, in particular, a fire touched some houses and a lot of vegetation in the “Stagnone” area. Some crops were destroyed by the flames which spread very quickly. So much so that alongside the firefighters, the presence of the forestry service and a helicopter was also necessary to control the flames in an inaccessible area.

The intervention of the rescuers avoided damage to the homes and consequences for the inhabitants, if not a little apprehension.

Flames also in the Buterese area, in a forest in the Cimia district, in the countryside of Mazzarino, as well as in the town of Gela due to brushwood that burned.

And the alert level, for the next few hours, remains high due to the temperatures which remain particularly high. The exhortation raised by the firefighters and forestry services is always the same, that is, to immediately report any outbreak in such a way as to be able to make any intervention as timely as possible.

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