Coop, an expense worth its weight in gold

Coop, an expense worth its weight in gold
Coop, an expense worth its weight in gold

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Dear editorial staff,

I have been a regular customer of Coop (Piazzale Roma, Venice) for many years, I appreciate the products and their variety, I find the staff always impeccable and friendly, I also shop with a certain pride in belonging to a community of consumers and members animated by a cooperative enterprise with ethical values ​​and non-profit purposes.

I don’t usually take the big trolley – if only for once I have a euro or fifty cent coin with me! – so I make do with the red plastic basket which I fill to capacity. Last Saturday I enter Coop, and this time I have the fateful coin. I take out the trolley, fill it, passing through the shelves of fruit and vegetables, then biscuits and jams, until at the level of the mineral water and napkins and paper plates section I notice something that should have struck me from the beginning : I see an advertisement placed on the opposite side of the cart, an ugly color.

I buy Snapper Gold Gioacchino. You could joke about the communicative own goal of a shop where you have to pawn your watch or necklace to go shopping, in a period of inflation and skyrocketing prices, but there’s little to joke about here…

Everything will be in order, for goodness sake, from a contractual point of view. But is it an initiative in line with Coop’s policy and founding ethical values?

I would add that I didn’t see any other companies displayed on the trolleys.

Grateful for the attention

Cesco Toneli

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Coop, an expense worth its weight in gold
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