there were 5 of them, the cameras yellow and the Golden Ball safe

there were 5 of them, the cameras yellow and the Golden Ball safe
there were 5 of them, the cameras yellow and the Golden Ball safe

Roberto Baggio, the violent robbery in the village is being investigateda: the gang of criminals is in the sights of the police who listened again to the former Ballon d’Or winner to reconstruct those terrible moments at the mercy of the bandits. Forty minutes of terror, hostage in your own home of five bandits who did not hesitate to beat him to grab money and jewels. A script already seen in many villas in the rich Northeast, but this time it struck Roberto Baggio, icon of Italian football in the world, and his family. The scene of the sensational incursion of the criminals was the beautiful villa where the “Divine Codino” has lived for 15 years Altavilla Vicentinaon the hills of the lower province of Vicenza.

Roberto Baggio robbed, because they didn’t steal the Golden Ball and the football shirts. “They didn’t recognize him”

The episode occurred while Baggio, with his team, was watching “his” national team in the unfortunate Championship match against Spain. There gang of fiveprobably people from Eastern Europe, entered the house and threatened the family – Roberto, his wife Andreina and their children Valentina, Mattia and Leonardo – apparently with the use of weapons. The former champion apparently tried to stop them and a brief scuffle ensued, at the end of which one of the bandits hit him on the forehead with the butt of a gun. The Vicenza Golden Ball winner and his family were then locked in a room, while the thieves tried to steal money and valuables.

It is not clear how much the spoils were from the action

When the gang left the house, Baggio kicked in the door of the small room and called the police. The soldiers of the Vicenza Provincial Investigation Unit intervened on site; the champion was taken to the emergency room of the hospital in nearby Arzignano, where stitches were applied to his forehead, then he gave initial information to the military. The news quickly spread around the world, which Roberto has always loved and followed. Messages of solidarity and closeness arrived immediately from politicians and football. The comings and goings also began in front of the gate of the villa, it is immersed in a large green space bordering a forest, on the hills of Valmarana. A few times cameras, photographers and onlookers have crossed the gate. Some magazines have published photographic reports on the “buen retiro” of the 1993 Ballon d’Or, in which paintings and sculptures are exhibited. The champion from Caldogno has sometimes even welcomed simple fans, for an autograph, a joke or a photograph. Also famous is the Panda with which he runs around his property right up to the center of Altavilla.

Baggio and the reconstruction of the robbery in the villa

Yesterday Baggio took another walk around the large terrain, together with the investigators, to check for the presence of traces and reconstruct the itinerary taken by the gang to reach the house; for a couple of hours he returned to the police in Vicenza, to make further statements. It seems that the cameras around the villa were not in operation, after the very bad weather of the last few days. While the Golden Ball is safe, as it was not kept at home.

Finally, Roberto Baggio wanted to send a thank you to fans, friends and enthusiasts «for the great affection received. In similar circumstances – he said, through his manager Vittorio Petrone – anything can happen, and fortunately the violence suffered only caused a few stitches on my person, bruises and a lot of fear. Now we just have to overcome the fear,” he concluded. «The lightning attack, in full light – explained Petrone – did not allow the activation of all the security systems with which the villa is equipped. Now, from what has happened, we will further strengthen the daytime detection systems throughout the perimeter. What happened to Roberto and his family has already been experienced by many other families – he recalled -. Only when you are hit do you realize the wounds left by an episode of violence and oppression suffered in your home, together with your family.” «Roberto – concluded Petrone – once again amazed me with the clarity and strength of mind he expressed immediately following the attack he suffered. I am sure that he will still be the pillar on which his entire family can lean to leave this brutal attack behind them.”


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