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Valle d’Isère France, flash flood sweeps away an entire mountain village

Valle d’Isère France, flash flood sweeps away an entire mountain village
Valle d’Isère France, flash flood sweeps away an entire mountain village

The village of La Bérarde, in Isèrewas overwhelmed by the passage of a torrent, following heavy rain and a sudden flood, around 2 in the morning Friday 21 June. Inhabitants, climbers and hikers were evacuated by helicopter.

The village of Saint-Christophe-en-Oisans (Isère) has become the bed of a torrent of water and rocks, which descends from the mountain and pours out, surrounding the houses and tearing away sections of walls. The road no longer exists. From a helicopter, a France Télévisions team can only see the roofs of some homes. Several chalets were swept away by the waters. Four helicopters perform continuous rotations and more than a hundred people have been rescued.

It was five in the morning when the torrent took away the bridge and invaded the village of La Bérarde (Isère). 4 kilometers away, another location remained isolated. The river is in flood, threatening. “There is no more electricity, the water pipe could give way,” says a man. With the strong storms and the melting of the snow, the tributaries increased and the Vénéon overflowed for about twenty kilometres. At the entrance to Vénosc (Isère), the roadway is completely cut by a huge hole. For now, no victims have been reported. It will take months, if not years, to rebuild the valley.

Temperature And exceptional rainfall with snow melting they played a crucial role in this event.

The village of La Bérarde, located in the heart of the Alps, has suffered significant damage. Houses were engulfed in water and mud, with several buildings completely destroyed. The inhabitants were woken up in the middle of the night by the deafening noise of the raging torrent, which swept away everything in its path. Helicopter evacuation was the only possible solution to save human lives.

The weather forecast adverse event also hit other areas of the country hardIsère, with destroyed roads and collapsed bridges. Local authorities are working tirelessly to restore connections and provide assistance to those affected. The priority is to ensure the safety of the inhabitants and assess the extent of the damage.

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