The car flies off the road on the A4 and gets stuck in the passenger compartment: one injured – Nordest24

At 4.30pm on Saturday, a serious accident occurred on the A4 motorway stretch between the junctions of Vicenza West and East. A car went off the road, falling below the level of the motorway, with the driver injured in the accident.

Firefighters intervene and rescue the driver

The firefighters, who promptly intervened from the nearby detachment, found aOpel Corsa, visibly damaged, crashed off the roadway. With speed and precision, rescuers worked to secure the vehicle and free the driver, who was trapped in the passenger compartment.

Rescue operations and collaboration of law enforcement agencies

After extracting the injured person, the medical staff of Suem intervened to provide first aid and transport the driver to the nearest hospital. Also present on site were Police and the highway auxiliaries, who collaborated to manage traffic and allow a safe rescue operation.

Closure of operations and investigations underway

The firefighters’ rescue operations ended approximately an hour after arriving at the accident site. The dynamics of the incident are currently being examined by investigators, who are trying to reconstruct the precise causes that led to the accident.

This accident once again raises important questions about motorway safety and the importance of maintaining attention and prudence when driving, especially on particularly busy motorway sections such as the one between Vicenza West and East.

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