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Lodi, polling scrutineer fired from the supermarket: “But it was a civic commitment”

Lodi, polling scrutineer fired from the supermarket: “But it was a civic commitment”
Lodi, polling scrutineer fired from the supermarket: “But it was a civic commitment”

Sant’Angelo Lodigiano (Lodi) – Yes absent, a few days after hiringto do it scrutineer “but for having respected this civic commitment, which I had made before knowing the start date of work, I was left at home”.

It happened to the 39-year-old Santangiolino, Paolo Sommarivaremained jobless after starting a trial period at supermarket Md of Borghetto Lodigiano. Three-year degree in political science at the University of Pavia, master’s degree in journalism at ‘Mare nostrum business school’, he says: “I chose MD because after having worked for years in logistics I wanted to change. In this supermarket I worked in fruit and vegetable department. As if it were a return to my origins: my father had a stand selling fruit and vegetables at the market in Milan and I practically grew up on bread, fruit and vegetables.” “I had done several interviews between April and May and I was informed that I would be hired through a staffing agency – he adds -. But no one had yet told me the start date of this commitment. Meanwhile it has arrived the convocation to participate in counting of the elections of 8 and 9 June and since I was still free, I did not refuse the proposal. Shortly after I was told to start work on June 3rd. To be fair, the first day on the job I explained the situation to the store manager. He himself, at the time, did not raise any objections but later, during a break, he explained that this absence, as soon as I started the job, would not have been a good calling card for me. Subsequently, after speaking to one of his superiors, he explained to me that everything was fine and so I went to be a scrutineer.”

The return to work it had seemed normal: “Despite the fact that I was entitled to days off after my civic commitment, on Tuesday, once the ballots were over, I showed up straight away for work. On Wednesday they put me on rest and on Friday and Saturday they asked me to recover the hours, with 11 hour shifts. I rested on Monday and should have resumed on Tuesday at 5.30, but the previous afternoon, the Lodi agency contacted me telling me that Md had terminated the trial period, without reconfirming me“. “I insisted on understanding the reasons for this choice – he concludes – and it was explained to me that the company he hadn’t liked the absence, for the ballots, just 5 days after the start of the employment relationship. But I want it contact the unionsie if necessary, ai carabinieri“. Md has not yet responded.

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