First the high fever, then death. An investigation has been opened in the Prosecutor’s Office

First the high fever, then death. An investigation has been opened in the Prosecutor’s Office
First the high fever, then death. An investigation has been opened in the Prosecutor’s Office

Migliarino. For the disappearance sudden of Matthew Astrologer38 year old from Migliarino, died on the night between Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th June, la Ferrara Prosecutor’s Office has opened an investigation for manslaughter against unknown personsafter the complaint lodged with the police by her father victim.

The young manager of Romagna Giochi He started to accuse a strange high and persistent fever with vomit in the Friday 7 Junewhile he was there in his home in Migliarotogether with his partner Marta and his four-year-old daughter Celeste.

I had tried to heal taking Tachipirina and Plasil but, the following day, the clinical picture he hadn’t found any benefits from it. The family members had therefore called the doctor who had prescribed him tablets Of Brufenin an attempt to lower the fever that had lasted for twenty-four hours.

On the evening of Saturday 8 June, however, the unexpected happened lowering of temperature with simultaneous takeover of first symptoms of oxygen deficiency and cyanosishad pushed his partner to alert 118 in a desperate race against time to save his life.

Unfortunately, however, the ambulance had arrived at the Lagosanto Delta hospital when it was already too late and, despite every attempt to save his life, the doctors had been unable to do anything else declare his death.

Now, to clarify what happened, the pm Stefano Longhi arranged the autopsy on the 38-year-old’s bodyblocking the cremation operations of the coffin which since last June 14th, after the funeral, has been kept in the Copparo Cremation Garden.

After all, Astrologer He did not suffer from any particular pathologies and, before that lethal illness, he had had no other problems.

The autopsy investigations they will begin this afternoon (June 20th) and will be carried out by medical examiner Donatella Fedeli of Bologna, to whom the Ferrara Prosecutor’s Office has conferred the task. At the same time, the family will also appoint its own consultant.

Assisting the family of ‘Astro’ – this is the nickname with which his friends and acquaintances called him – is the lawyer Paolo Scaglianti, who thanks the judicial authorities and the police: “On behalf of the family we want to say thank you to Doctor Longhi for the great availability and sensitivity shown, as well as to the Carabinieri, who were very close to us right from the start and helped us.”

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