The African heat is also arriving in Liguria, but it won’t be a real heat wave (yet).

The African heat is also arriving in Liguria, but it won’t be a real heat wave (yet).
The African heat is also arriving in Liguria, but it won’t be a real heat wave (yet).

Genoa. It’s been waiting for weeks, now it’s really coming: the African anticyclone advances on Italy and brings the first with him heat wave of the summer season after a rather cool and rainy first half of June. In Liguria However, according to what the experts report Arpal, temperatures should remain close to average or slightly above. And then it will be about a heat drytherefore physiologically more tolerable.

The peak of the heat in Italy is expected between Wednesday 19th and Friday 21st June, with temperatures that in some areas will jump 12 degrees above the climatological norm. While the South had already entered a typically summer dynamic, the North was the first over 30 they register during these hours. They are expected in the next few days up to 44 degrees in the internal areas of Sardinia and 39 degrees in Rome.

In Liguria, however, it will not be a real heat wave, a term that defines a set of extreme weather conditions that occur when very high temperatures are recorded for several consecutive days, often associated with high levels of humidity, strong solar radiation and lack of ventilation. If anything, we can talk about summer temperatures: in Genoa and its surroundings many places have already exceeded 30 degrees and Rapallo has touched 32 degrees.

For Wednesday 19 June Arpal foresees in Liguria sky sunny with local afternoon accumulations especially in the interior of Ponente, where showers or isolated showers will be possible and temperatures rising further. The June 20th it will be an uncertain day between clouds and sun: there will be isolated rainfall, more likely in the west in the morning, even in the form of moderate showers.

However between Thursday and Friday it will be a new drop in temperatures is probable for the transit of a disturbance at high altitude which could also bring the region to the region feared Saharan dust.

In Italy there are those who will fare much worse. The hottest area during the mid-week peak will be the Cagliari area with its 44 degrees while the ranking of the hottest provinces will see Benevento and Taranto at the top with 41 degrees. Agrigento, Caserta, Foggia, Macerata, Syracuse and Terni with 40 degrees. The degrees will be 39 in Ascoli Piceno, Catania, Fermo, Frosinone, Matera and Ragusa while Avellino, Chieti, Forlì, Isernia and, in particular, also Rome and Naples will fluctuate between 38 and 39.

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