Antivirus and VPN: a single bundle at a bargain price with Norton (less than €3/month)

Maximizing the security of your devices with little expense is possible: thanks to Nortona reference company in the world of information security, it is now possible to access the antivirus systemto protect yourself against cyber threats, and, at the same time, to VPN unlimitedfor a private, tracking-free connection.

With the bundle Norton 360In fact, the two services are included in a single subscription at a discounted price. The version Standardwhich allows the activation of services on a single device, costs 29.99 euros for one year, without restrictions. Even more interesting is the plan Deluxe what it costs 34.99 euros for one year (less than 3 euros per month, therefore), always without constraints and with the possibility of using the service on a total of 5 devices.

For Choose and activate the desired version of Norton 360taking advantage of antivirus and VPN at a really low price, that’s it connect to the Norton websitevia the box below.

Antivirus and VPN in one subscription: Norton 360 is unrivaled

With Norton 360 you can access:

  • to the system antivirus, malware, ransomware and hacking protection
  • at the VPN unlimitedwith the possibility of moving your IP to another country
  • to a cloud space (up to 75 GB, depending on the plan chosen) to safely store your data
  • to various additional security tools

Norton 360 barely costs 29.99 euros for one year for the version Standard And 34.99 euros for one year for the version Deluxe, which allows activation on 5 devices. Also note the plan Advancedwhich costs 44.99 euros and allows the use of security services on 10 devices.

Norton security software (antivirus and VPN) can be used on Windows PCs And Mac as well as on devices Android And iPhone/iPad. To access the discount by choosing the desired version, just press on the box below.

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