“Workmates report high temperatures”

“The tragic road accident yesterday afternoon, in Portoverrara, in the Ferrara area, which cost the lives of two Pakistani workers, forces us once again to reflect on the agricultural world“. The comment is by the general secretary of the Flai CGIL of Ferrara Dario Alba.

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The trade unionist explained that “we immediately contacted their workmates to understand the issues dynamics of the incident. Everyone, almost in unison, highlighted the high temperatures, certainly not unexpected at this time of year, which inevitably caused tiredness and drowsiness even for those who, after work in the fields, drove the Opel Zafira with six others people on board”.

Hence the question: “What were seven Pakistanis doing in a car? How were they organised? Where do they live? Are the living conditions suitable? With the unbearable heat these days, perhaps they were all resting in the same room, without air conditioning. For years now, as Flai Cgil, we have been fighting for safety in the workplace and in particular for the prevention of heat stroke, the effects on the health of those who often works under the scorching sunwith direct exposure to radiation”.

For Flai Cgil “if the medical reports were to highlight that the causes of the accident are attributable to thermal stress, this would in all respects be an accident at work. We loudly ask and urge companies to adapt working hours to temperaturesprovide employees with fresh water and adequate clothing, inform workers about good practices to follow in consideration of the climate and also, which is not easy, reduce the pace of work”.

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