Gaia Gazzola ready for her debut in A1 with Talmassons

TALMASSONS (UDINE)-The CDA Volley club Talmassons FVG has hired Sofia Gazzola, born in 2006, who will strengthen coach Leonardo Barbieri’s roster for the 2024/2025 season. With the arrival of Sofia Gazzola, the Friulian club completes the libero department and is preparing to welcome a new young talent, ready to make his qualities available to the Pink Panthers for the 2024/2025 championship.


Raised in the ranks of Volley Academy Piacenza, Gazzola will be preparing to make her debut in the top flight at just 18 years old, after having played in Serie B1 in the last two seasons always wearing the Volley Academy Piacenza jersey. In 2022 she competed in the Italian Under 16 championships, also being awarded the best libero of the event.

The words of Sofia Gazzola-

« The possibility of moving to Friuli arose suddenly and I certainly didn’t want to miss it. It was one of those trains that only passes once in a lifetime. The main motivation that pushed me to join Cda volleyball is certainly the environment and the corporate organisation. I have always heard great things about Talmassons, I was immediately fascinated by it.”

Did you follow the CDA’s path to promotion to Serie A1?

« Yes, I have always followed the Board of Directors throughout the season and I have always believed in the team. The playoff victory was the icing on the cake of the entire extraordinary journey they have made ».

What goals do you have for next season?

« I certainly set myself the goal of improving from every point of view, first and foremost as a player but also on a personal level. This will be the first real experience away from home for me, in an environment that is totally new to me. I am aware that I have a lot to learn but I will give it my all. At team level I know that we will be able to give our best and experience a season full of satisfactions.”

It will be your first time in Friuli, what do you expect from this region and this territory?

« I expect to find a very quiet environment but with lots of new things and things to discover. Then, since there is both sea and mountain, one can only feel good.”

What contribution do you think you can bring to the team?

« I really hope I can contribute to the team despite being so young. Perhaps precisely for this reason I know that I could give to society that bit of “lightness” and enthusiasm typical of us teenagers, which always leads to a smile, inevitable during the days, even the most tiring ones.”

From B1 to A1, what are the differences that in your opinion will be more significant after this category jump?

« The main differences in the sporting field will be the pace of training, the comparison with expert players and a very high level championship. In my personal sphere, responsibilities will certainly increase.”

A message for your new fans?

« I can’t wait to see the fans at the stadium and feel all their warmth. I would like to tell volleyball fans to never stop believing in their dreams and to continue to love this sport, full of fun and satisfaction.”

The words of the technician Leonardo Barbieri-

« We had the opportunity to take on this girl who is very young but at the same time has already matured an important experience in Serie B1, also obtaining the recognition of best libero in the Under 16s. I had already been following her for a long time and I must say that she is a girl who will certainly have a great future ahead of her. We hope we can have him with us because you have all the qualities and means to become a top-class libero on the national scene.”

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