On this breathtaking beach you will only spend just over 10 euros per day

A beach equipped with all the comforts where you can spend just 10 euros a day? It exists and is closer than you think.

This beach is a dream within reach – travel.nanopress.it

Being able to go on holiday is becoming more and more complicated. Especially because the economic crisis continues to be felt and inflation it increases the prices of everything enormously. But, a few steps away from us, there is a beach that has nothing to envy of the most famous Italian resorts but which has a much more affordable cost.

Everything for less, a low cost beach

For many, summer is the time when they go on holiday to the seaside. But, as the latest research shows, the price of umbrellas, sunbeds and deckchairs shows no signs of falling. Which necessarily involves having to make choices. You can reduce, for example, the number of days to spend on holiday or choose formulas that allow you to save by going together with other people and thus splitting the expense.

Is Albania the answer to the expensive umbrella? – travel.nanopress.it

But the bed problem then returns. If you want a more low-cost experience but without sacrifices a place where you absolutely must book there is. It is about theAlbania. Keeping the capital Tirana aside, there is a place in particular that seems to be a twin of what is found in Romagna, for example. We are talking about Vlora. Reachable by plane from all the main Italian airports in a short time, Vlora is located on the sea and is equipped with everything you need for short holidays but also for longer stays. The seafront it is composed of an almost infinite series of spaces that are divided into free beaches and establishments. And perhaps the biggest surprise is that in the establishments you can have a relaxing day with around 10 euros.

The best beaches in Vlora

If the city overlooks the sea, the choice of bathing establishment and beach is important. So what are the better both from a scenographic point of view and from the point of view of the services offered? If you are looking for a beach that is easily accessible and has a wide choice of bathing facilities you have to try Rhadima. It is located in the south and although it can be difficult find parking, the area is worth exploring. Travelers highlight not only the cleanliness but also the friendliness of the staff in the area.

Another beach that is a real paradise is Palasë. It is located approximately a 50 km from the city and it is ideal for those who are not looking for sand from the sea but seabeds to explore while diving and postcard views. A last resort, this one is ideal also for families is the one named Cold Water beach. It is a beach very close to the town centre. So if you have decided to stay in Vlore this will perhaps be your holiday beach. The name also suggests a peculiarity worth experiencing: this area of ​​sea is in fact crossed on the seabed by cracks from which cold water flows which helps to keep the general temperature pleasantly low.

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