In the Skeet Mixed gold for the States

Lonato del Garda World Cup In the Mixed Skeet gold for the States The Italian pair Bacosi-Cassandro is out of the play-off

Lonato del Garda (BS) – The 2024 ISSF World Cup in Lonato del Garda (BS) ends with the United States on top of the podium in the Skeet Mixed Team race. The pair formed by three-time Olympic Champion Vincent Hancock and Austen Jewell Smith prevailed over the Kuwaiti pair of Abdullah Alrashidi and Eman Al Shamaa with 44/48 to 41/48. Third on the podium were the Swedes Vitoria Larsson and Marcus Svensson.

Unfortunately, the Italians Diana Bacosi (Army) from Cetona (SI) and Tammaro Cassandro (Carabinieri) from Capua (CE), after having closed the qualifications with a good 145/150, missed the opportunity to qualify in the medal match for the bronze to the play-off, finishing in sixth place overall with +7.

Martina Bartolomei (Aeronautica Militare) from Laterina (AR) and Gabriele Rossetti (Fiamme Oro) from Ponte Buggianese (PT) were ninth with 143/150.


Skeet Mixed Team: 1st USA (Vincent HANCOCK – Austen Jewell SMITH) 147/150 (+2) – 44/48; 2nd KUWAIT (Abdullah ALRASHIDI – Eman AL SHAMAA) 147/150 (0) – 41/48; 3rd SWEDEN (Marcus SVENSSON – Victoria LARSSON) 146/150 – 45/48; 4th USA (Conner Lynn PRINCE – Dania Jo VIZZI) 145/150 (+20) – 42/48; 6th ITALY (Tammaro CASSANDRO – Diana BACOSI) 145/150 (7); 9th ITALY (Gabriele ROSSETTI – Martina BARTOLOMEI) 143/150.


Men: Tammaro Cassandro (Carabinieri) of Capua (CE); Gabriele Rossetti (Fiamme Oro) from Ponte Buggianese (PT); Elia Sdruccioli (Army) from Ostra (AN). RPO: Erik Pittini (Fiamme Oro) from Sutrio (UD); Niccolò Sodi (Air Force) of Arezzo.

Ladies: Diana Bacosi (Army) from Cetona (SI); Martina Bartolomei (Air Force) from Laterina (AR); Martina Maruzzo from Nanto (VI). RPO: Sara Bongini (Fiamme Oro) from Impruneta (FI).

Technical director: Andrea Benelli.

Athletic trainer: Fabio Partigiani

Print Com. FITAV

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