arrested. The invalid who died of starvation in Montelibretti

Abandon L’elderly invalid mother alone at home in via dei Salici a Montelibretti to go in vacation with i children minors in Abruzzo. A 48 year old woman was arrested by the police with the accusation Of abandonment of incapable person after the same soldiers of the Carabinieri found the body of the elderly woman lying on the floor in the bedroom on June 12th, covered with a sheet.
Margherita Bottazza84 years old, was deceased a few days agoas the medical examiner established, even if investigators are awaiting autopsy results to define the causes of the death of the disabled and non-self-sufficient, abandoned woman without food or water and without a cell phone.

Mystery as to who covered the body

It is also unclear who covered the body.
The carabinieri had gone to his home for notify a judicial act right to his daughter, Antonella Marrella, which however was absent. At this point they noticed a strong odor and they became suspicious. Not getting a response from anyone inside the house, they decided to proceed with a more thorough check and entered through a back window left open, thus discovering the body of the 84-year-old.

Subsequent investigations were carried out to understand who should take care of the elderly woman, who was not self-sufficient, and suspicions thus fell on the daughter who was tracked down by order of the Tivoli prosecutor’s office and then subjected to stopped and taken to Rebibbia prison awaiting validation before the investigating judge.

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