the meeting with Luigi Fruscio –

Great participation of citizens and operators in the medical-health sector on Sunday morning, 16 June 2024, for the meeting organized by the ‘Agorà Terlizzi – Miriam Oreste and Michele Colasanto’ Association on the theme “Sarcone Hospital and Healthcare”.

After greetings from Dr. Michele De Chirico President of Agorà, Dr. Angela Leaci spoke with a timely and careful introductory report on healthcare, aimed at clarifying the future of the “Michele Sarcone”. Her speech was followed by that of Dr. Luigi Fruscio, Acting General Director of the ASL of Bari, who illustrated the company project for the ongoing organization of the former Terlizzi Hospital in implementation of the current Regional Provisions.
The Terlizzese hospital has been identified as a PPA (Post Acute Care Unit) within which the PTA (Territorial Assistance Unit) is located.
The PPA represents a modern healthcare facility, in which the post-acute hospital services (in the case of Terlizzi they are long-term care, pneumological rehabilitation, cardiological rehabilitation) are integrated with the local assistance services, which are dedicated to patients with pathologies chronic, in line with the health objectives established by current regulations.
The Dr. Luigi Fruscio, Acting General Director of the ASL of Bari, using a language accessible to all and providing precise data, spoke about community homes, local assistance, waiting lists, health and social care and much more.

On 12 June, AGENAS, the National Agency for Regional Health Services, provided the guidelines for the organizational model. Based on what is contained in this document, in Terlizzi there will be 12am and 24am hours which will also be guaranteed by general practitioners and the family nurse.
Based on Istat data in Terlizzi, 57% of the population does not need treatment (age range ranging from 16 years to 60 years), 39% of the population has only one chronic pathology, therefore we can speak of a simple chronicity and 4% have complex chronicity with cardiac, respiratory problems etc.

«This stratification is important – reiterated Dr. Rustle – and it must be known by the Health Authority, by doctors, by everyone, because the community home, the specialist one, the home care must be built on the basis of these data”.
«Compared to the many who talk about healthcare without studying it, we at Agorà spoke with the director Luigi Fruscio, who with intelligence and ability, reactivated 3 departments of the Sarcone Hospital, useful to the citizens of Terlizze and the surrounding area. Healthcare is not preached, it is treated day by day and cannot be a place of political conflict or meaningless declarations” declares the Hon. Gero Grassi.

Tuesday 18 June 2024


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