Funds for rural development in Liguria, PD: “Another centre-right flop”

Liguria. Luca Garibaldi (Pd-Article One) presented a question in which he asked the council if there is a correlation between the communication campaign of the 2022 PSR calls, which was supposed to disseminate the possibilities envisaged by the calls for the 2014 programming – 2020, and the results of public spending of the funds, which place Liguria as the last Region of Italy.

The councilor noted that, according to AGEA, in the fourth quarter of 2023 Liguria stood at 66.11%, more than 10 percentage points behind the Italian average.

“Councilor Piana had put his face – literally – on the posters promoting the PSR tenders – moreover using 9 thousand euros of public funds – but the maneuver didn’t work, given that we are the last region in Italy to respond to the calls for the Rural Development Plan” said the group leader of the Democratic Party in the Region Luca Garibaldi in response to councilor Piana on the promotional campaign for PSR funds after the answer to his question in the chamber.

“I don’t think it’s due to the councilor’s face as a testimonial, but more generally to the fact that as councillor, Piana, was unable to build a structure capable of managing the tenders in the best possible way”.

“We don’t need photos and campaigns, we need staff in the Department’s offices and a political management capable of responding and not making Liguria bring up the rear in the management of PSR tenders. Ever since the right has managed the funds for agriculture, the constant has been the same: always last and always late”.

“Yet another proof of the political inability of the League and the Ligurian right” concludes the Dem exponent.

Agriculture councilor Alessandro Piana responded that, regarding last year, there was an increase in investments, and therefore in the PSR, plus 70%, placing Liguria first Region in Italy.

Regarding the new complement of the PSR, the councilor specified that the percentages have been remodeled with a significant increase in investments and recalled the refinancing obtained on all the various tenders of 38 million euros.

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