what the warning means and who is behind it

A I notify Of excessive heat which comes directly from Google. The alarm has reached many people living in the area in recent hours Laziothis is because the US giant, which collaborates with some meteorological and civil protection bodies around the world, wants to inform the population when temperatures considered extreme are recorded in a given area and which can put the health of people at risk, especially fragile subjects.

Excessive heat alert in Lazio: the warning comes from Google

Google notifies its users of excessive heat alerts based on data relating to forecasts and historical data.

The alert, for example, is sent if the combination of temperature and humidity it is considered dangerous for the human body.

In these hours Lazio is affected by a strong heat wave

A notification also comes when the heat is higher than normal for that location compared to previous years and when the excessive heat conditions last at least two consecutive days.

A red tag indicates extreme weather conditions

So, with data in hand, Google has decided to alert the citizens of Lazio in view of theheat wave which is actually happening right now.

Just write on the search engineLazio heat wave” to see a red plate appear indicating “Extreme weather alert“.

You will then be redirected to the websiteair Forcewhere it is possible to have detailed information about the forecasts for the next few hours of the individual municipalities.

Tips for dealing with above average temperatures

Google always makes the list of recommended behaviors so as not to put your health at risk on days when the temperature is higher than the average for the period.

Among these, “taking the necessary precautions and keeping up to date with the latest forecasts weather”.

Not only. Also “expect some discomfort during normal daily activities and be prepared to discontinue outdoor activities.”

Photo source: ANSA

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