died of hardship, without food and water

An 84-year-old woman died in Montelibretti after being left alone at home by her daughter on holiday in Abruzzo, without water, food and a telephone to call for help.

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He abandoned his 84-year-old mother invalid alone at home in Montelibretti to go on holiday to Abruzzo with their two children. The pensioner died a few days later of starvation. A 49-year-old woman was arrested by the police on suspicion of crime of abandonment of an incompetent person, he is now under house arrest. The military personnel discovered the old woman’s body by pure chance last June 12th when they rang at the door of her apartment in the municipality of Montelibretti, in the province of Rome, to serve a document. There was no food or water in the houseand not even a telephone with which the eighty-four year old could ask for help.

He abandons the old woman to die alone at home

The events occurred on the day of Wednesday 12 June when the police during a check to serve a document at her daughter’s home found the body of the 84-year-old pensioner cowgirl in the bedroom, on the floor and partly covered by a sheet. The soldiers entered the house through a window left open, after receiving no answers, turned them to the ground and partially covered them with a sheet. According to her initial reconstructions, her daughter, instead of taking care of the elderly woman, had gone to Abruzzo together with her two minor children.

Investigations are underway

The woman had already been dead for a few days, as established by the medical examiner. The results of the autopsy are awaited to understand the causes of the old woman’s death and also find out who covered the body with the sheet. The 49-year-old daughter, assigned to look after the lady, was stopped by the carabinieri of the Monterotondo company and transferred to Rebibbia where the investigating judge of the Tivoli court validated the arrest. Right now she is her to House arrest.

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