Palermo, Bellolampo landfill on fire (VIDEO)


Of Marco Gullà 18 June 2024

Fire in the seventh tank of Bellolampo, the Palermo landfill. The fire, which at first seemed tamable, worsened as the hours passed with the complicity of the wind now blowing on the waste. The flames apparently broke out in the afternoon, near the biogas extraction plant, and extensive damage is already feared. Fire brigade teams and Rap president Giuseppe Todaro are on site, monitoring the situation.

This is yet another alarm situation in Bellolampo. Just under a year ago, the largest landfill in Palermo burned, with a dramatic fire which in the following days caused the value of dioxin present in the air in some areas of Palermo to skyrocket to 35 times higher than the maximum permitted values.

«We managed to intervene in time – he says – Monitoring is done constantly. We have the images and I am awaiting a service report on what happened.” A tall blanket of smoke is rising from the mountain of burning garbage. What makes the fire extinguishing operations more complicated is the wind that is blowing in the mountains outside Palermo”


Only a few small outbreaks remained active inside the Bellolampo landfill in Palermo, after the fire that broke out last night inside the seventh tank. At the moment the situation is monitored by some fire brigade teams to prevent the fire from starting again. However, there is concern in the city and the dioxin nightmare returns.

The regional Civil Protection department announced that several RAP teams were alerted to extinguish the fire and several fire brigade teams, two provincial tankers and one large and one small civil protection vehicle were at work. The fire on the waste embankment was contained with the earth moved by Rap’s excavators and booms as well as with water from the fire engines’ lances.
Due to the south-east wind, the bad burning smell reached Capaci.

The mayor of Palermo was invited to issue an ordinance to safeguard the population. The Civil Protection itself has issued a note, underlining that the times and methods suggest a clear malicious origin.

The fire broke out around 8pm last night on the slope of the seventh tank of the Bellolampo landfill. And the mind went to a year ago, when in July 2023, the landfill burned and high levels of dioxin were detected on the outskirts of Palermo.

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