Uil asks the prefect for urgent intervention for Teateservizi workers

Uil, together with the workers of the former Teateservizi, sent a letter to the prefect of Chieti to request urgent intervention following the bankruptcy of the company and the consequent collective dismissal of the staff. The situation, described in the letter signed by the provincial secretariat of the Uil, “appears increasingly critical and requires rapid intervention to avoid further inconvenience to the workers involved”.

The letter refers to sentence no. 9/24 of 21 February 2024, with which the bankruptcy of the in-house company of the Municipality of Chieti, Teateservizi Srl, was declared, without the concession of provisional operation. The union also recalls its previous request of 4 March 2024 and the subsequent report received from the Prefect’s Cabinet Office on 15 March 2024, as well as the note of 21 May 2024 requesting updates on the dispute. The bankruptcy trustee, in the note dated 10 June 2024, had communicated the summons of the workers for the collective dismissal, which took place the following day. However, the meeting requested by the Municipality of Chieti on 13 June 2024, “in which only the Uil Fpl, Cisl and Cisl FelSa unions participated, did not lead to any conciliation, with the unions abandoning the meeting shortly after start”.

The situation is further complicated by recent news according to which “the municipal council has decided to reinternalise the Tari using a new company called ‘Mercurio’ and to outsource the remaining collection package. However, in the municipal resolutions no relocation of the former is mentioned staff of Teateservizi, causing concern and agitation among the workers”.

In the letter sent to the prefect, Uil underlines that “the state of workers’ agitation persists, since the previous cooling-off table did not lead to a conciliation of the dispute. The union therefore asks the prefect to urgently convene a further discussion table to define a virtuous path that allows the redeployment of dismissed staff, selected through a public competition.

It is essential to find a solution that protects workers’ rights and allows them to continue contributing to the community of Chieti – concludes Uil, expressing confidence in a prompt response from the prefect”.

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