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Mattia Gennari at Samb. Montecchio Gallo takes Santini

Mattia Gennari at Samb. Montecchio Gallo takes Santini
Mattia Gennari at Samb. Montecchio Gallo takes Santini

Striker Alessandro Sbaffo, a playmaker for Recanatese, is highly sought after by Perugia. Sambenedettese (D series) put pen to paper with central defender Mattia Gennari last season in D with Nardò, 33 years old, with almost 300 appearances and 21 goals among the professionals with the jerseys of Melfi, Aversa, Fermana, Vis Pesaro, Pistoiese and Montevarchi. In Nardò he played 33 games scoring five goals. Gabriele Petrucci, born in 2005, will defend the goal of Civitanovase in his last season in Urbino. Maceratese (Eccellenza) is very close to midfielders Alessio Bracciatelli and Armin Nasic, both former Tolentino players. Market rumors also speak of Maceratese’s interest in defender Niccolò Urso, born in Forsempronese in 1999. Matelica has formalized the hiring of Yaya Wahi ex Potenza Picena. K Sport Montecchio Gallo has made official the new goalkeeper Nicolò Santini (born in 1999) who previously played for Alma Juventus Fano and then Fabriano Cerreto and has confirmed the striker Barattini. K Sport could also confirm the striker Bardeggia (who is also liked by Urbino and Maceratese) and is looking for a defender and an under goalkeeper on the market. In Sant’Orso (Promotion) the composition of the new technical staff takes shape, together with mister Filippo Vergoni the goalkeeping coach Enrico Martelloni (confirmed) and the new athletic coach Nicola Borini will work. Also at the weekend, Sant’Orso made official the hiring of Luca Grandicelli (born in 1998), a footballer who grew up in the Vis Pesaro youth team and has played for Gabicce Gradara for the last seven seasons. Vismara has confirmed (for the seventh consecutive season) the defender Marco Capomaggi, born in 2000. The attacker Luca Cagnoli (born in 2002) formerly of Santa Cecilia Urbania has joined Casinina.

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