Gianluca Vacchi at the Base Club Experience in Sistiana Bay

Entrepreneur, social media star, DJ and producer, Gianluca Vacchi is the awaited guest of Basic Club Experience in Sistiana Bay (Duino Aurisina, Trieste) Saturday 22 June.

A “global entertainer” – as he describes himself – Gianluca Vacchi started working in the family business at 25 and, after 20 years in the business world, he decided to change, being more interested in everything that moved his curiosity .
His positive attitude and natural charisma have made him a huge force on social media, with millions of followers. Collaborating with Spinnin’ Records, the world’s largest dance music label, he released “-It” and “Viento”, showing great ability to choose the right collaborators and create memorable songs. His talent emerges already in the first two singles, the musical embodiment of his personality.
His summer residency at the prestigious Amnesia Ibiza in 2018 made him part of the island’s illustrious history: featuring live entertainment, the events were packed with spectacular productions, dancers, pyrotechnic moments and more. His DJ career then developed rapidly, with events everywhere from the Amsterdam Dance Event to Dubai, and tours in South America and Europe.
At the Base Club Experience he will offer an energetic performance and his unique charisma (DJ set from 11pm to 4am, for reservation: Fabio 335 128 7724).

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