“I’m more tense than my students”

Disco, first experience as a high school teacher and debut as internal commissioner for the final exam: Michelangelo Paolino, aka Michelangelo Vood, is having a magical year. “When my students discovered that I am a singer-songwriter, I feared that my credibility in their eyes might fail and instead they became closer” says the singer-songwriter, who from tomorrow will be the protagonist of the podcast ‘Fuori tempo’.

Michelangelo, what was the soundtrack of your maturity as a student?

“I was obsessed with punk rock music. At the time I listened to Simple Plan a lot. The ballad ‘Perfect’ is very melancholy and angry, at that time it reflected a lot of what I wanted to communicate.”

You are a professor of Italian and History at the Iis Curie-Sraffa in Baggio, how was this first year as a high school teacher?

“I lived this experience trying to learn and understand as much as possible where I was and how things worked. From mid-November, the day of my assignment and the birthday of my mother who is a teacher like me, it was an incredible adventure” .

Adventure that continues with the final exams. How are you experiencing it?

“Emotionally it’s a good experience, even if I’m more anxious than my students. It’s a new experience for me as much as for them, I too am learning as the various stages follow one another.”

Thinking back to your student days, are you living with greater apprehension today or was your exam worse as a student?

“Definitely as a student. Today I am more aware of who I am and what I can do, I am more present to myself. I didn’t have a good relationship with school, so graduating from high school was a liberation for me.”

His album ‘Non c’è più tempo’ was recently released. How did you manage to reconcile the role of singer-songwriter with that of teacher?

“For months I went to school in the morning, spent the afternoon in the studio recording until night and then back to the books to prepare the lessons for the following days. When the album came out I decided to take the kids to the studio, I were the first to listen to it. Their reaction was unexpected, they participated with enthusiasm.”

What advice did you give to your students?

“I told them to study and revise making one last effort. There’s very little left. My wish is that they all get promoted.” Cristiana Mariani

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